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YesLicense Reviews – Read what all say about Microsoft Licenses

Looking for a platform that gives you authentic Microsoft Licenses? People say that YesLicense is the platform from where you can buy authentic Microsoft Licenses. So let's hear from the end consumer themselves.

We have compiled YesLicense reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and, most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About YesLicense and about Microsoft Licenses.

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YesLicense Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about YesLicense. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"Have Windows and office installed. Little installation question Julie on the information line helped me a lot. Thank you."

"License for office 2019 works perfectly, however, the installation protocol must be followed"

"Happy with the support these guys provide. Worth dealing with them."

"Yeslicense offers sacrificed prices without compromising service quality."

"They do offer some more difficult unique items to provide their consumers with an excellent shopping experience."

"Yeslicense is a reliable source for safe and affordable download software. They offer you straightforward software that is ready to use. "


"The site is not selling authentic license but just cracked software. I asked for a refound, lets see.."

"Impossible to use the same licenses by phone… these are licenses that have been sold and resold several times…… I do not find this correct.."

"Lots of Fakes On this site, all 5* look alike in profile, beware of a big scam! I just lost 30 e and I'm not the only one flee this site"

"Yeslicense feels sorry for improper services in some cases or if their delivery time exceeds more than they assure."

Final Thoughts:

"Yeslicense is a Microsoft-authorized French retailer that offers low-cost Microsoft licenses. Furthermore, the structure is flexible, as it does not need the management of actual stocks or deliveries. Everything is done online, with rapid email delivery and immediate key replacement for the defective license. Buy with Yeslicense and take full advantage of overlapping features available across the applications. "

"Going by the pros and cons above, you must have got the idea that the reviews are mixed. Customers have doubts about the authenticity of the license somewhere. That's why we suggest that you research and cross-check with the users of YesLicense and it is a good thing to go through all other reviews before purchasing a license. Read all the reviews on WhatAllSay and make an informed decision."

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What is YesLicense?

Yeslicense is an internet store esoteric in the sale of download software.

What is the mission of YesLicense?

Their mission is to always provide low rates and full service. They serve both business and private clients.

What products do they offer?

Even though they sell mostly Microsoft products, they also sell some more complicated niche products so that their customers can have the best possible shopping experience.

How to get an expert advice ?

They can help you at any time, either through live chat or email. They will also be happy to help you set up your software, and they can do that for you.

What is their cost structure?

They can afford lower rates since their cost structure is flexible: no real offices/storage, dematerialized shipping, etc.