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Wizishop Review – Read What All Say About This AI-Powered Ecommerce Solution Platform

We have curated the comprehensive and unbiased reviews from various trusted sources, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself, and above all, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startup companies who have real-time experience with wizishop to create, launch and manage ecommerce stores to boost their online sales. Read What All Say About Wizishop and their AI-Powered Ecommerce Solution.

About Wizishop

Wizishop is an AI-driven all-in-one Ecommerce solution platorm that generates high-converting sales for your ecommerce stores with increased visibility in search engines. With AI-Powered intuitive tools, and video training guide, it enables you to create your store’s name, the associated domain name, and the tagline that suits your brand image in just few seconds.

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Wizishop Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Wizishop. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"Unmatched customer support service."

"Plethora of built-in-features and available add-ons."

"Allows you to create impressive, fully SEO-optimized eCommerce store."

"Offers 15-day Free trial (No credit card details are required)."

"Allows you to create and run a successful online store in a short period of time. "

"Wizishop is better than Shopify Store."


"They have some limitations in terms of design."

"Price is slightly higher than the average market price."

Final Thoughts:

"It's a real service that the customer teams of Wizishop make available to users, thus justifying its slightly higher pricing plans than the market averages. The real bonus of this ecommerce solution is its outstanding work on adding SEO optimized features that can save a lot of time."

"The best part of this AI driven ecommerce solution platform is its unmatched customer support. With its ability to guarantee your success in online sales with enhanced search engine optimization techniques and offer you 400 pre-integrated features to configure your store and perform marketing operations, Wizishop claims to be an all-in-one Ecommerce solution in the market. If we consider their pros and cons, we find its cons are justified because of their unrivalled customer service. Overall, its AI-driven intuitive tools, and its ability to create easy-to-create ecommerce stores in minutes have made it worth considering."

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Does Wizishop offer a free trial?

Yes, Wizishop offers a 15-day Free trial. No credit card is needed to activate the Free trial.

Who uses Wizishop?

Thousands of Small business owners, entrepreneurs, Bloggers, marketing agencies, and startup companies use Wizishop regularly to create product descriptions and blog posts.

Does the online ecommerce store created in Wizishop belong to me?

All the business assets of your online ecommerce store belong to you. However, the source code of the store belongs to WiziShop. Your domain name, your customers, your orders, your products, your brand, and your SEO optimization belong to you and can be exported directly from your administration area or via WiziShop API.

Can I easily migrate data from different ecommerce solution to Wizishop?

Yes, you can easily import your catalog of products, your previous orders and clients into Wizishop and manage your URL redirects without losing any of your current SEO.

Does Wizishop offer a subscription plan with no commitment?

Yes, you are free to try out a new project for a few months with Wizishop subscription plan with no commitment.

Do I need to pay Wizishop extra for options or features to develop my ecommerce store?

All of Wizishop tools is inclusive in its subscription plan pricing. There are no hidden costs and no additional modules that you need to buy at Wizishop. However, the services of their third-party partners (exports to market places, emails, texts, etc.) are billed as an extra (but these are 100% optional).