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Whisky Loot Reviews – Read What ALl Say about it?

We have compiled Whisky Loot reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and, most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About Whisky Loot, who aim to gently guide you on a tasting journey through the beautiful and varied world of whisky in the comfort of your own home every month.

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Whisky Loot Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Whisky Loot. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"Solid glass tasting bottles in a high-quality box. Includes tasting notes and ‘Whisky Tracker’. Easy to buy as a gift."

"Surprise - yes it was a great experience to try three whiskys together, it gave you a real chance to compare the differences in there characteristics which surprised me being a novice whisky drinker."

"Great gift, lovely whiskey will order again soon. Delivery perfect timing and speedy. Keep up the good work"

"Each consumer has the option to provide insights after tasting. These real-world reviews provide distilleries with a unique voice from the consumer."

"Beautifully presented and notes were informative and enhanced the experience. Literally a full tasting experience at home."

"Nothing negative to report the favourite of the three was Dalwhinnie."

"Purchased the taster box for a hard to buy for much loved boss. He was most impressed."

"Whiskyloot brings something different to the whisky subscription market."

"Ancnoc Distillery is Brilliant, Dalmore is Excellent, Glenfiddich is V. Good"

"Great selection of whisky. Perfect presentation and info. Great for the whisky novice or the seasoned whisky fan"

"There is much more to Irish whisky than one or two brands. Don’t believe me? Hit up Whisky Loot and they’ll tell you – actually, they’ll show you."

"I was given this as a gift for my birthday and boy is this great, what a great idea well done just love this."

"I am not a whiskey drinker. My family member I bought it for, absolutely loved it."

"Very good selection as a beginner to whisky knowledge. Great concept."

"Not much you can really say against this product. Quality Scotch, superb packaging and education. Looking forward to my next box."

"My wife gave me a 3 month subscription for Christmas and I have been enjoying it so much that I had to stay on the journey."

"Brilliant concept, loved it, would definitely recommend."


"You pay for the premium experience. Not as useful for experienced whisky drinkers."

" Issue was the video when I logged into my account did not match the box I had received so was not able to use this when trying the whisky"

"Had some problems with the timeliness of getting a box delivered each month, but the customer support team was quick to answer me and resolved everything pretty quickly."

Final Thoughts:

"Whisky Loot’s core offering is a monthly subscription box including 3 different 60ml bottles of whisky to try. Whisky Loot also offer a range of single-purchase whisky tasting packs."

"Each Whisky loot box also comes with a printed leaflet that gives you all the information you’d ever need about the whiskies in your box."

"Overall, it's a great brand. If you're a whisky lover or a beginner you must give it a try."

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What is Whisky Loot?

Whisky Loot is a dedicated team of whisky lovers lead by CEO Joel Hauer, committed to providing their customers with an awesome whisky experience.

Is the Whisky genuine?

Yes, it’s 100% Genuine. They’re a licenced retailer of Whisky (Liquor Licence LIQP770017411) and work with distilleries from around the world to source Whisky for the Whisky Loot subscription.

Are there any additional charges or fees to buying a gift?

No! There are no additional fees to send a gift.

What am I getting each month?

Each month you will receive a beautiful bespoke presentation box, with three custom-designed glass bottles containing hand-selected whisky.

How do I know what whisky I am getting?

On your account page, you will be able to see what whiskies will be coming up in your next delivery.

Can I pause my subscription?

Absolutely – you can skip upcoming boxes by logging in to your account, or if you’d like to pause your subscription you can email [email protected].

I need to cancel my subscription - how do I do this?

To cancel your subscription, simply email at [email protected] – there are no fees or charges to cancel, and you can cancel anytime.

I need my order super quickly - do they offer express shipping?

Express shipping is not allowed for any spirits, but if you need an order rushed you can call them on (02) 7908 3834 or email at [email protected] before you place your order, Additional shipping charges apply.