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Shoott Reviews – Read What All Say About Their Perfection In Photography.

Welcome to the What All Say review of Shoott photo sesssion! We've scoured the web for comprehensive and genuine reviews of Shoott's Photo session, collecting insights from regular customers, photoshoot experts, and even the brand itself. So, if you're wondering what all the buzz is about, read on to discover what people everywhere are saying about Shoott's customized photo session in which you pay only for the photos you love.

About Shoott

In the summer of 2018, Shoott was introduced in NYC. Since then, it has grown to 600+ locations across 60+ US cities, hosting thousands of photo shoots each week. Based on thousands of reviews and recommendations, Shoott has a 4.9 average star rating across Facebook, Google, and Tripadvisor. Their top-notch group of gifted photographers work as independent contractors and have taken pictures for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Forbes, Elle, GQ, The Cut, V Magazine, Buzzfeed, and others.

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Shoott Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Shoott. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"Shoott is a legit company that can help you book a professional photographer in your area at a very affordable price."

"My favorite part about Shoott is there isn’t a sitting fee. You pay nothing up front. If your photos are terrible (which is highly unlikely)"

"If you are considering booking Shoott, we advise you to go for it because you truly have nothing to lose except 30 minutes of your time if you end up not liking any picture."

"Shoott also suggested props if desired. Our boys were so excited to take photos with one of their current favorite toys. We ended up loving these photos that will help mark the moment in time."

"Booking was super easy and easy to reschedule to when our original date was rained out due to a tropical storm."

"Customizable galleries where clients can easily download photos and buy professional prints."

"I loved everything about this process! I made a very last minute decision to get maternity photos and I’m SO glad I did!...They produced beautiful photos of my final pregnancy that I will cherish forever. Thank you!"

"It was a very hot and humid day so my kids were a little cranky and not completely cooperative, but the photographer was great with them."

"Flawless process and I absolutely love our pictures. Our photographer made the shooting experience really care-free and easy and we had such a variety of shots--way more than I was expecting for a 30-minute session. Overall a great experience!"

"If you’re expecting people to pay for your work, you’ve got to showcase it in the best way possible. Fortunately, this is all very simple with ShootProof."

"If you’re on the fence about having photos taken, I highly recommend giving Shoott a try. It was fun, affordable, easy and captured some great memories with mom included in the photo!"


"Previewing your own Galleries requires you to enter an email and password. Why?!"

"The shoot itself was fun, but after purchasing the photos I found out how pixelated/low quality the full-size images were."

"Even after consistent use, I still have the occasional “where the hell is the XYZ setting?!” moment when using ShootProof."

"I had a custom shoot (of my family) in the suburbs of Detroit, MI last week. The photographer provided no creative direction (landscape or areas) nor did she position us or frame shots. "

"Poor customer care, but perfect photographers. You can only contact them via email. They do not offer refunds of purchased photos"

Final Thoughts:

"We hope the information on this page will help you properly decide whether or not to hire Shoott photographers.  When we read about their customers' complaints and satisfaction, we discovered that there are far more satisfied customers than dissatisfied ones, and that the main reason why these dissatisfied customers are so is because of their substandard customer service. Therefore, if you feel like you have nothing to lose besides 30 minutes of your time, we suggest that you go for it."

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How do I book?

On their booking page, where you can also see their calendar of forthcoming events, you can reserve a regular session (free upfront, pay by the picture). Bookings for sessions can be made 90 days in advance. Click here to schedule a custom session, where you can specify the precise time, day, and place.

What kind of photo sessions do they capture?

The skilled photographers on their staff are trained to capture a wide range of portraiture, including but not limited to: lifestyle, family, newborns, pregnancy, engagements, fitness, business headshots, acting headshots, model portfolios, and more. Almost any target you choose.

Can I book at other dates and locations that aren't listed?

At their stated locations, they exclusively provide free sessions with a pay-by-the-picture system. However, they also provide reasonably priced customised sessions that let you pick the day, time, and location of your photo shoot.

How long will my session be?

If a client arrives on time and is prepared to take the first picture as soon as their session starts, a typical Shoott session will last about 25 minutes. The remaining time is set aside for walking between different locations to create variety in posing and scenery and for photographers to return to the meeting point to start their next session on time.

What if I don't buy any photos?

There is no purchase requirement and no minimum order quantity. Please be aware that Shoott will need you to prepay for your next session, which will be put toward your purchase order, if you choose to purchase less than $100 worth of images.

Can I request the RAW files?

As per their standard policy in the photography industry, they do not provide RAWs or unedited files.

What is their refund policy?

Unfortunately they do not offer refunds of purchased photos. Make sure to check carefully that the photos in your cart are the ones you really want!

When will I be able to view my photos?

Your gallery will be sent to your provided email 3-5 business days following your session.
NOTE: the gallery size of 40+ photos only applies if you are on time to your session.

What happens if I show up late?

You will be assessed a penalty fee based on when you are prepared to take your first picture if you are more than 10 minutes late. When you reserve your next appointment, a prepayment will also be necessary.
NOTE: When you have met with the photographer and are prepared to shoot the first photo, that is your “arrival time.”

Do they provide hair and makeup services?

Since they do not currently offer hair and makeup services, arrive camera-ready with your preferred hair and makeup applied.

Can I bring Props or Pets to my session?

Yes, absolutely!