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Proof. Reviews – Read What All Say about it?

We have compiled Proof's reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and, most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About Proof, Machine washable, ultra-comfortable leakproof undies.

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Proof. Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Proof.. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"I expected to see some blood leakage since my flow felt more on the medium side. To my pleasant surprise, NO LEAKS. For about 8 hours on my light/medium flow I was leak-free."

"If ever there was I product I needed more in my life it was these Proof panty. They are a game changer. "

"They fit nicely. they work - no spillage and I felt dry the entire time I had them on. I'm definitely getting more."

"The smooth, lightweight fabric is super comfy and fits like second skin, so you'll actually look forward to wearing them."

"The Hipster, possibly the most absorbent period panty on the market with the ability to hold up to five regular tampons."

"I love all of the different styles I've tried! I feel protected for every occasion."

" Proof uses its own Leak-Loc technology to keep leakage locked in, and utilizes soft, breathable fabric to keep you comfy and secure."

"Assortment ranges from super light to super heavy and also comfortable material."

"I bought these for my teen daughters that are nervous about leaking and won't wear a tampon. They love them and feel confident when at school and sleepovers. "

"Super comfy and holds a lot of liquid! Literally, since using these I don’t dread getting my periods! No leaking and anything at all! Love them."

"With panties designed for spotting, discharge, heavy flows, and everything in between, Proof is a one-stop shop for every phase of your flow."

"Hipster, It is possibly the most absorbent period panty on the market with the ability to hold up to five regular tampons."

"Get rid of those toxic products and grab a few pairs from proof. You won't be disappointed! "


"These were not as comfortable as the hipster mesh style I purchased."

"The brief, Only available in two colors."

"Cheap material no good , improve ethics"

" They don’t stay in place and I felt the odor control could be better with this pair. "

Final Thoughts:

"Proof has a patented, multi-layer Leak-Lock system, keeping your fluids where they belong while wicking odor away—making them the perfect panty companion during your workout. "

"Overall, In a nutshell: they are committed to providing high quality care down there. Also many customers are very much satisfied with the products they buy."

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What are Proof undies made of?

Proof undies combine patented technology with soft, smooth fabric and thoughtfully designed details. The materials in Proof have been meticulously tested in an independent laboratory that ensures the highest level of safety.

All Proof undies have been successfully tested for PFOA/PFAS, lead, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals and are Prop 65 compliant.


Can Proof undies replace pads/tampons? Can I wear these with tampons or a menstrual cup?

In a word, yes!

Their super heavy styles hold 5 tampons or 10 teaspoons of liquid, and have been able to lock in even the heaviest flows.



What is the difference in absorbency levels?

All Proof undies feature are specially crafted leak protection – the higher the absorbency, the more layers of protection!

Here’s a quick absorbency breakdown:

– Super Light: Holds up to 1 light tampon or a pantyliner
– Light: Holds up to 1 Regular Tampon or 2 Teaspoons
– Moderate: Holds up to 3 Regular Tampons or 6 Teaspoons
– Heavy: Holds up to 4 Regular Tampons or 8 Teaspoons
– Super Heavy: Holds up to 5 Regular Tampons or 10 Teaspoons

Are Proof undies reusable?

Yes! One of the biggest benefits of switching to Proof is that their ultra absorbent undies are machine-washable and reusable, so you can use them again and again.



How do I wash my Proof undies?

Simply toss in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, using cold water and mild detergents. Hang or lay flat to dry.

To learn more about how to care for your pair, keep reading.

How long will it take my Proof undies to dry?

Depending on absorbency level and humidity level, Proof undies can take between 6 and 24 hours to dry.

How long does a pair last?

 Proof undies are comparable with other undies and last between 2-3 years on average. Just like most intimates, how long they last depends on how well you care for them.

Will Proof undies smell?

Proof undies are equipped with moisture-wicking lining and antimicrobial fibers that inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce odor.

If you want to refresh and sanitize your undies, simply add a few drops of vinegar or tea tree oil to your washing machine during the rinse cycle and complete washing as normal.

Do Proof undies work for bladder leaks and incontinence?

Yes! Proof underwear were specifically designed for all of life’s little leaks. Their Super-Heavy styles hold up to 10 teaspoons of liquid! Shop for bladder leaks here.