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Paleo On The Go Reviews – Read What All Say About chef-prepared frozen meals, shipped directly to your door.

Welcome to the Paleo On The Go Diet review on What All Say. We are a dedicated team of experts who are passionate about researching and strive to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information to our valued audience. We've searched the internet for in-depth and honest evaluations of Paleo On The Go's offerings for diets i.e. Paleo and AIP, gathering opinions from loyal customers, professionals in the field of health, and even the company itself. Find out what everyone is saying about the food items offered by Paleo On The Go. Thank you for visiting WhatAllSay.

About Paleo On The Go

With options for paleo, AIP, Whole30, and keto meals, Paleo on the Go is a frozen meal delivery service. The Paleo diet is a dietary plan that emphasizes whole, unprocessed foods and eliminates grains, legumes, dairy, and added sugars. The idea behind the diet is to consume foods that were available to our ancestors during the Paleolithic era. The Paleo diet is the healthiest way to eat because it is the ONLY dietary strategy that takes your genetic makeup into account to keep you lean, powerful, and energetic.

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Paleo On The Go Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Paleo On The Go. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"The most obvious benefit of Paleo on the Go is that it fills a gap in the meal delivery space. Few other meal delivery services cater strictly to paleo and similar diets like AIP and Whole30."

"The frozen foods tasted fresh, which (as anyone who eats lots of frozen food knows and have looked for where to buy easy paleo meals) is particularly remarkable."

"Paleo On The Go foods arrive in a recyclable box. The insulator liner within the box is made from renewable materials that are also curbside recyclable."

"Paleo on the Go creates delicious meals that are paleo and AIP friendly—and then they’re delivered right to your door."

"Paleo On the Go does not support the concept of a boring meal. For this purpose, Paleo offers a variety of meals made by professional chefs."

"Their desserts include cake, pie, and cookies. And, their empanadas are super yummy and a really nice change from traditional meal delivery."

"Active singles who want to eat a paleo or anti-inflammatory diet, but don’t have the time or skills to cook, will likely find Paleo On The Go a great resource."

"Paleo on the Go also offers a variety of menu items, including desserts — rather than just lunch and dinner meals as many other services."

"Because Paleo on the Go’s AIP meals are specifically meant for those with restrictive diets due to their health, customers ordering those meals can be assured that their food will be safe and healthy (as well as tasty)."

"Most of the meals are precooked and simply require heating in the microwave or oven. "

"There are basically THREE basic types of meal kits on the platter. Each individual type of kit has got various meals to satisfy your taste buds."

"All of the dishes We tried were delicious, well-balanced, and well-seasoned. we were happy with all of the dishes we received."

"I am 100% behind Paleo On The Go. I love their products, I use their products, and I recommend them to all."

"Paleo and AIP friendly diets are for meat lovers. There’s no dairy in any of the meals, and grains are also eliminated. "

"I really liked the meals from Paleo on the Go! Their recipes are tasty and unique, and you can count on different items in the meal bundles each month."

"These chicken sausages were a first for me, and they convinced me that chicken patties are really, really good! With the perfect blend of spices and herbs, these were the ideal accompaniment for a crisp salad and a thick bowl of soup!"


"Paleo on the Go is expensive, with prices around $15 or more per serving. Plus, the shipping fee is an additional expense on each order."

"Vegetarians have no options at POTG, and sedentary people might find the meals a bit too caloric. "

"If you don’t order the minimum of $99 per shipment, shipping costs will be out of sight! "

Final Thoughts:

"Paleo on the Go offers a convenient and time-saving alternative to cooking all of your meals from scratch, as many people following these strict diets often must do. The ingredients are of high quality, and the service’s high price is a reflection of this. However, Paleo on the Go provides a convenient meal option for people following these diets. Otherwise, they’d have to cook all of their meals from scratch. "

"Paleo On The Go is really ideal for active people following paleo or AIP diets who need a little extra help making sure they have delicious, nutritious, fully prepared meals at the ready. It's also a great option to satisfy a craving for baked goods while staying dietary compliant. "

""Paleo on the go" refers to following the paleo diet while leading a busy and active lifestyle. This might involve meal prepping, packing paleo-friendly snacks, or finding restaurants that offer paleo options. The goal of "paleo on the go" is to maintain the principles of the paleo diet, even when time and convenience are a concern. By planning ahead and being mindful of food choices, individuals can still enjoy the benefits of a paleo diet while leading a busy lifestyle. But, some people have issues with their pricing as you have to order minimum for $99 which is high for some people. So, if you can afford meals we reccomend you to buy them as people are loving their meals."

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What accomplishes Paleo On The Go?

Paleo on the go is  a meal delivery business that offers chef-prepared frozen meals that are brought right to your door anywhere in the continental United States and are suited to the Paleo and Autoimmune Protocol diets.

What is AIP diet?

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), which eliminates all potentially inflammatory foods from your diet, is the gold standard of elimination diets like nuts, seeds, eggs, grain, soy, dairy, additives, sugar, legumes, nightshades etc. Then you incorporate them one at a time to observe how you respond and which foods bring on symptoms of your autoimmune condition.

What is Paleo diet?

The Paleo diet is founded on the idea that by eating foods that are similar to those of our early ancestors, we can live healthier lives and avoid a lot of the prevalent illnesses that modern culture is plagued with as a result of the introduction of grains, refined sugars, and processed foods.

How much sugar are there in thier products?

A few of their goods are sweetened with fruit, honey, maple syrup, molasses, or coconut palm sugar, but the majority of their products are naturally low in sugar. Stick to their “Low Carb” selections in the menu filter if you’re careful how much sugar you consume.

What are the sizes of the portions in these meals?

The nutritional data label seen on the product page contains information about the portion sizes of all of the company’s meals. The majority of their items come in fairly substantial single servings, but there are a few outliers, including the AIP-friendly Grass Fed Beef Taco Kit with Salsa Verde, which is designed for two to three people.

Do they cook with organic ingredients?

In a nutshell, company aim to use organic vegetables and other ingredients. To ensure that they only procure the best produce for you and your family, they closely adhere to the Environmental Working Group’s Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen lists.

Can I exchange a meal or meal bundle for another one?

Any of their products, including Meal Bundles, cannot have any ingredients changed or added. However, if you don’t agree with something on the ingredient list, let them know by contacting them. They can assist you in avoiding specific components in your upcoming order.

How long will my food be fresh after I receive my order?

All of their goods can be kept frozen for at least six months and chilled for five days even without the addition of any preservatives. 

Do they offer low carb and keto products?

Yes! Choose one of their “Low Carb” selections using the filter on their menu.

Where do they deliver?

If you live in the USA, they’ll send your package via UPS. They send your freshly prepared autoimmune (AIP) and paleo meals in 3 days or less! 

How can I properly handle dry ice?

Never use bare hands to contact dry ice. Use only gloves, oven mitts, or towels to handle it. If any dry ice is still present when your purchase is delivered, let it evaporate away from kids and animals in a well-ventilated space.

Is Route a licensed insurance company?

Yes. Route is an authorised insurance provider that partners with Lloyds of London, the industry leader in shipping insurance.