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Nexcess Review – Read What All Say About Their Fully Managed Hosting Services, Premium Features & Customer Support

Introducing our in-depth review of, where we have gathered unbiased and comprehensive feedback from various reliable sources. Our compilation includes insights from bloggers, Web Hosting Expert reviewers, the brand itself, and most importantly, website owners, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, developers, and customers who have experienced Nexcess' fully managed hosting services. Read What All Say About their Fully Managed Hosting Services, Customer Service & Premium features.

About Nexcess

Nexcess is a leading managed hosting provider that specializes in hosting solutions for various platforms, including WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento. With a strong focus on uptime, performance, and security, Nexcess offers a range of features and services tailored to meet the needs of businesses and developers alike. This review will delve into the key aspects of Nexcess, exploring its pros, cons, and overall brand offering.

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Nexcess Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Nexcess. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"Nexcess is a web hosting service that primarily offers premium shared hosting with autoscaling technology. This allows Nexcess to increase or decrease your available resources in response to traffic surges – this service is included in all plans free for 24 hours per month."

"Nexcess provides excellent uptime, elite performance, ultra-flexible infrastructure, and WordPress-oriented security."

"Nexcess has a user-friendly dashboard and offers a 1-click staging site, making it developer-friendly."

"Nexcess has a 99.99% uptime guarantee and is very reliable, even under scale, and has no trouble handling intense traffic."

"Nexcess offers 24/7/365 customer support via email, live chat, and phone."

"Nexcess has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on over 670 reviews. Many customers praise Nexcess for their excellent customer service, fast and reliable hosting, and easy-to-use platform. "

"The company offers affordable managed hosting plans, and its WordPress hosting plans are more affordable than other hosts."

"Nexcess includes premium features such as automatic image compression, IThemes Security Pro, and CDN."

"The company offers a Free 14 Day Trial (No Credit Card)."

"Nexcess offers a no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee."


"May be slightly more challenging for first-time users."

"Nexcess does not offer dedicated IP addresses on the lower plans of the Managed WordPress platform. "

"Nexcess does not offer free domain registration."

"DNS Management Could be Simplified."

Final Thoughts:

"Caitlin Greyling, a web hosting expert, concludes that Nexcess' premium shared hosting plans are well-suited for SMBs and e-commerce sites. These plans are designed specifically for platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Adobe Commerce (Magento), providing tailored configurations. Nexcess excels in making website creation and management simple and cost-effective. However, the premium features and scalable performance come at a higher price compared to standard shared hosting rates."

"In Bruno Mirchevski's review, the overall experience with Nexcess was smooth and user-friendly. However, it may pose a slight challenge for first-time users due to its advanced features and interface. Nexcess stands out with unique features like Stencils for quick site creation and a 100% uptime guarantee. While certain plans offer email hosting, the basic Spark plan does not include this feature. The dedicated support provided by Nexcess was found to be friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, with various support channels available including a comprehensive Knowledge Base, email, phone, and ticketing system. Overall, Nexcess delivers advanced features and reliable support, while its above-average prices reflect the professional-level services it offers."

"Overall, Nexcess is a recommended choice for hosting according to With impressive speed, uptime, and reliable support, their managed hosting plans offer plenty of useful features. Nexcess also excels in security options, boasts a 99.998% uptime, provides premium WordPress plugins, and offers various hosting packages tailored to different customer needs. With pricing starting at $12.67/month, Nexcess delivers good value for money, faster website performance, and the ability to handle more concurrent connections. In conclusion, Nexcess provides decent features, performance, and overall customer satisfaction."

"In conclusion, Nexcess is a reliable and affordable managed hosting provider that offers excellent uptime, elite performance, and a user-friendly platform. With a range of premium features and a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction, Nexcess provides businesses with the tools necessary to establish a fast, secure, and successful online presence. While some first-time users may find it slightly challenging initially, Nexcess' superior support remedies this concern. Overall, Nexcess proves to be a great choice for businesses seeking reliable and affordable managed hosting solutions tailored to their specific needs."

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What is the location of Nexcess?

Nexcess is headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, USA, serving as a global managed hosting provider. They operate 10 independent data centers worldwide.

Which types of websites does Nexcess host?

Nexcess provides hosting services for various websites, including small businesses, developers, ecommerce stores, and enterprises aiming to expand and grow. They specialize in hosting open source, PHP-based websites utilizing platforms like WordPress and Magento.

How secure is Nexcess hosting?

Nexcess ensures high levels of security through enterprise-grade infrastructure, which includes SOC 2 type II data centers, full PCI DSS compliance, a ModSec firewall, malware scanning and detection, bad bot management, 24/7 server monitoring, two-factor authentication, SSH access, free SSLs, and a WordPress application-level security plugin.

What payment methods does Nexcess accept?

Nexcess accepts payments via credit card, existing account credits, and PayPal.

Does Nexcess offer free trials?

Currently, Nexcess does not provide free trials. However, they do have a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing customers to request a refund within that timeframe.

What is their refund policy?

To request a refund, customers can reach out via email to [email protected], call their support team, or initiate a chat conversation.