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Neatsvor Reviews – Read What All Say about it?

We have compiled Neatsvor reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and, most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About Neatsvor, a young and dynamic brand for cutting edge robot vacuum cleaner, One of the most advanced robot technology company.

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Neatsvor Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Neatsvor . Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"NEATSVOR X500 is better for cleaning than mopping."

"Cleans very quality! Really vaccums, even you can feel the air flow."

"Super , works very good. Deliver in 5 days from Poland . I recommend the product because it really works great ."

" the X500 doesn't fall down the stairs while he was cleaning the first floor, so I didn't have to worry about hearing a loud bang."

"Believe, one of the characteristics is also that there is a mode for damp and dry cleaning."

"A special feature is that the X500 can also wipe. With a height of 7cm it is also very flat."

"The vacuum cleaner is amazing and is better than I expected! Its operation is simple"

"The X500 has a 3000 PA suction and it performs three functions - sweeping, vacuuming and mopping."

"I am very satisfied with the robot, I tested it for two days and it does what it was intended for! "

"It's got multiple features such as auto charging, anti-falling, anti-collision."

"Arrived quickly. Everything works. Connected easily to two phones. Can be controlled by phone. Rides wisely, doesn't break furniture."

"Honestly, we're pleasantly surprised! Super clear setup instructions in english, a handy app, connects with Google Home! and a good battery! "

" I was surprised it can even clean my tulip furniture base without being stuck ! Impressive performance for the price."

"With the LDS laser on top, the robot scans the surroundings to create a map of the cleaning area so the robot knows where it should clean. "

"Excellent product highly recommended cleaning with few vacuum programs also moping program with water work very good we don’t expect so good product but its excellent product "

"The cleaner is equipped with 12 high-precious sensors that help it navigate around without falling off, bumping into furniture, or just be more careful when operating."


"The new Neatsvor X500 doesn’t have much more advantages."

"They admit that the device is faulty but they cannot send the replacement part to my address."

"Unfortunately in Application No sharing function for room, Mapping the first should be dokladniejsze"

Final Thoughts:

"Neatsvor® is a robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer with absolute R&D and manufacturing capabilities, which is why we can provide high-quality robot vacuum cleaners at low prices"

"Overall, It's a great brand. And also customers are very well satisfied with the vacuums."

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What to do when the robot could not turn on?

Have you turned on the power switch on the side of the robot? If not, please turn on.

What to do when the robot could not charge anymore?

Please contact [email protected] for the warranty with your order information.


What should I do when Wi-Fi connection fails?

Try one of the following methods:

— If using an Android phone, we recommend giving permissions for Bluetooth, GPS, and location.

— Select your current region in WeBackapp settings.

— Select the right robot when setting up WiFi.

— If your WiFi contains special characters such as question marks, we recommend changing your password and then trying again.

Can robot cleaner work without Wi-Fi?

Yes. The robot cleaner work without Wi-Fi and can carry out full-home cleanups, spot cleanups, and return to their dock with the push of a button.

What should I do when the map is in a wrong angle?

The map displayed in-app should only be horizontal or vertical. If it appears at an angle, this may be due to the placement of the dock. Move the dock to a new location, with at least 0.5m of clearance on either side and 1.5m in front.

Will my robot vacuum work on dark or black surface ?

The robot vacuum may not run on certain dark or black surfaces.

Because the Infrared ray of anti-fall sensors may be absorbed by certain dark or black colored surface and recognize such area as an edge or a stair. When robot encounters this surface, robot may run away from this surface. No adjustment can be done to correct this behavior.