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MyHeritage Reviews – read what all say about their simple DNA test.

We have compiled MyHeritage reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and, most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About MyHeritage, Discover your ancestry, learn about your ethnic background, and connect with long-lost family members with MyHeritage.

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MyHeritage Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about MyHeritage . Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"For some users, this is exactly what they are looking for in genetic DNA testing and they can begin their journey of ancestral discovery."

"Though they are newer to DNA testing than some other larger companies, their genealogical community has been around a long time and is fantastic."

"Personal information is never sold, licensed, or otherwise shared with third parties, except for limited circumstances."

"I've had lots of fun exploring my family's genealogy with MyHeritage... and the customer support has been excellent."

"This was very interesting. I was more surprised by my results than not. This set my curiosity off more than before I took the dna test actually. "

"If you've already had your DNA analyzed by another service, such as AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, or 23andMe, you can upload the raw DNA data to MyHeritage DNA."

"Wasn't sure what to expect with the MyHeritage DNA Test Kit but we were all pleasantly surprised. The test itself was simple and easy to use."

"In MY OPINION can help very well to find out about ancestors, family heritage et cetera. Parts of other members offer primary sources too. "

" A large majority of MyHeritage Ancestry Kit users (over 60%!) gave the product 5 stars on Amazon. "

"Users can also upload raw DNA data from other DNA testing companies to match with relatives."

"The service offers free, full-featured family tree software, though, with a lot of helpful tools for finding records and discovering new relatives. "

"I'm not absolutely 100% certain of the accuracy of the results yet. I have one family lineage to confirm. "

"I must say I prefer this test over the AncestryDNA one. This has TWO buccal (cheek) swabs instead of spitting into a container."

" It is easy to navigate around and offers a lot of services like DNA testing. Highly recommend!"

"I send 2 DNA test , but just 1arrived at the destination. Customer service was very fast and clear regarding the answer and explanation."

"Free family tree software from MyHeritage is included with each DNA test purchase."


"Many significant features of family lineage searches require a subscription"

"The site itself and the idea is okay but the support is not good."

"MyHeritage DNA does not offer any health-related information."

"MyHeritage DNA has the most dramatic reveal of any other DNA kit I've tested."

" I did not receive my 2 DNA kits and was charged 149 dollars after I canceled my subscription to them in less than 30 days."

"Took for ever and they made everything a monthly payment to unlock other services. "

"Ethnicity matches reported being inconsistent compared to other services."

" I added enough detail for it to give me discoveries, and the discoveries function has found nothing."

"Though the family tree software is free, it is not nearly as robust as that of AncestryDNA."

"I signed up for a free trial at My Heritage and cancelled it before the trial was over. I was still charged $129."

Final Thoughts:

"Using cutting-edge matching technology, millions of historical records from around the world, as well as at-home DNA tests, MyHeritage gives customers a meaningful discovery experience that connects them to their past, present, and future selves. We recommend you to read all the reviews before buying any of their kit.s"

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What can a DNA test tell me that I didn't know before?

Using MyHeritage DNA, you can find relatives who share DNA segments from a common ancestor. To date, no other DNA test has revealed your ancestors’ ethnic and geographic origins. You never know, your results may be unexpected.

What are the benefits of tetsing other family members?

Additional family members should be tested. Each member of your family has unique DNA that can help tell your family’s storey. To learn more about your DNA matches, test one or both parents. You can see whether a match is paternal or maternal. Testing parents, siblings, cousins, and other relatives can help you find new matches and learn more about your own. Due to the nature of genetic inheritance, your siblings’ results may be different. Comparing results can reveal more about your ancestors.

What if I've had a DNA test? What does MyHeritage offer me?

The MyHeritage DNA test allows you to receive both unique matches from MyHeritage users and matches from other services. Because MyHeritage is available in 42 languages, you are more likely to be matched with relatives abroad. You’ll also get the market’s highest resolution ethnicity analysis, pinpointing your origins across 2,114 geographic regions.

Can I gift my heritage DNA?

Yes! When ordering online, you can either ship the kit to yourself or provide the recipient’s shipping address. They will be asked to open a free MyHeritage account and activate their new DNA kit once they receive it.

MyHeritage will send them emails about tracking their sample and the results once they are ready.

What sample do I give?

The MyHeritage DNA test requires no blood or spit and is easy to use. To collect your sample, simply scrape the inside of your cheek for 45 seconds, then repeat with another swab. You mail the swabs to their DNA lab for testing. You can view your results securely online at MyHeritage.

How long it will take until I see results?

The results are ready in 3–4 weeks after your kit arrives at their lab. They will notify you by email when the results are available and you can view them on the MyHeritage website.

How do they analyse my DNA?

MyHeritage DNA uses microarrays to test autosomal DNA. This test provides the raw data needed to calculate your DNA matches and ethnicity from both maternal and paternal lines.

What links DNA and family trees?

DNA and family trees go hand in hand.’s DNA test can prove or disprove documented family tree If you share a surname or a Smart MatchTM with a family tree owner, you can both test via MyHeritage DNA to see if you are related. Family trees are also useful for tracing DNA match relationships.

What distinguishes Ethicinity Estimates from Genetic groups?

Unlike Ethnicity Estimates, Genetic Groups can contain members from multiple ethnicities. A Genetic Group’s members share geographic origins but may have different ethnicities. While the Ethnicity Estimate includes a percentage breakdown of origins, Genetic Groups do not. While the Ethnicity Estimate covers 42 ethnicities, Genetic Groups pinpoint your ancestors’ origins across 1,200+ regions.