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Meepo Board Reviews – Read What All Say about their Electric Skateboards

We have compiled Meepo Board reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself, and, most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About Meepo Board, A Electric Skateboard company with a passion to provide affordable high-quality electric skateboards worldwide from China.

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Meepo Board Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Meepo Board. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"On the Meepo board website, all spare parts are available. From batteries, wheels, remotes, decks, and hub motors, Kieran keeps stock of anything that might need to be replaced."

"The Meepo V3 was my first electric skateboard and the board that fuelled my passion for esk8."

" Great skateboard but not for people who never skateboard before. You need to know how to control your body in order to get on it. "

"I have been very happy with my purchase and overly anxious each day to get outside and ride."

"Meepo is the most popular budget board in the market, and the Meepo 1.51 – the most popular Meepo product."

"It's honestly a pleasure to use this and meepo as a company has so far been great to deal with."

"I still take the Meepo V3 out for fun every now and again…if it hasn’t been raining!"

" I've been riding my new Meepo Board for about a month now and I'm really enjoying it."

"I’ve had the Meepo board for about two months now. Every part of the board is still in perfect condition even after a few mishaps. "

" I purchased the skateboard for my 14 yr old and he hasn't put it down! From what I've seen so far it's extremely fast"

"The quality of this board is amazing. So far my smoothest and fastest electric board."

"Meepo’s boards are the best affordable electric skateboard on the market right now."

" I don't have much to compare to other than regular long boards, and this is that with out the kicking. Very happy and would definitely recommend"


"I experienced this issue yesterday on my first ride. It shutdown within 15 minutes of riding. "

"Meepo V3 is not waterproof. It is not water resistant either. By no means should you ride this board if it is raining or if it has recently rained."

"1 month later it dies at 45% charge left before having to fully charge it again! I want a refund."

"The skateboard went haywire and caused a bad accident to my daughter."

" Within TWO WEEKS, we discovered that the wiring for the ESC had not been properly attached. "

Final Thoughts:

"The Meepo board has been a wonderful first electric skateboard. I would recommend this board for someone who is just getting into electric skateboarding or for a budget-minded person like myself."

"We found it as a great brand, As they have electrical skateboards. And definitely these skateboards are not for beginners. We suggest you to properly check the description and then buy any of their skateboards. "

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Can not brake or acceleration while the motor hit a bump.

That’s normal on all Meepo boards.  The ESC just cut out to protect itself when motor land on road from the air.

What can I do when Board can't be charged?
If the board can’t be charged, then you need to check it out step by step.

1. Is the charger light turns green when only plugging into the wall (not connect to the board)

2. Does the indicator show the “in” charging symbol while the plug charger in?

3. Open the battery case and check all wires’ connection, if any wire is loosened or fallen.

4. If there is nothing wrong after you did the above steps, then you need to charge the battery directly by using the charging port adaptor, here is the video to show you how to do. ( skip over the indicator screen)

(If the charger light is red,  means it is charging normally.)


How to pair MR/M4 remote to the board ?( hobbywing esc not included )
Please make sure the board and remote are fully charged, and pair the remote again to the board as the following steps:
Turn on your skateboard, hold the skateboard power button for a few seconds, and it starts flashing, so it means v3 skateboard is waiting for pairing. Now turn on your remote press two buttons at the same time, now they are pairing.
How to replace pu sleeves on motor?
Here is the video for your reference:


What if one of the motor doesn't work?
If one of the motors isn’t working well, please do a quick motor test as the video. Video of motor test:
(This test is a must and it’s helpful, you must to turn off the skateboard when you are ready to do this test)
What is their Refund Policy?

click on the link to check their refund policy:

What is their warranty period?

Parts and accessories all have a standard three months warranty.

All Meepo electric skateboards come with a standard six-month warranty which starts when you receive your electric skateboard.

V3 Standard six-month warranty
MINI 2 Standard six-month warranty
NLS Pro Standard six-month warranty
AWD Pro Standard six-month warranty
Classic 2 Standard six-month warranty
City Rider Standard six-month warranty