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Maxtrix Kids Reviews - Read WhatAllSay?

We have compiled Maxtrix Kids reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and, most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About Maxtrix Kids, dealing with great quality, re-usable, imaginative, and super-safe products for your kids.

✅ Pros

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Maxtrix Kids Furniture will be all you need to furnish the bedroom of your child’s dreams no matter their age, stage, or your family size.
My child is thrilled. We had an easy time putting it together this afternoon, only a couple small dings.
- Kim R. (Product Buyer)
I’m really glad the slide and ladder are removable as they are already over the slide novelty and I can see it being annoying in the future.
- Stephen (Product Buyer)
Maxtrix Kids Furniture makes children’s beds that are fully customizable for all your families needs.
Metal Canopy Bed, This bed is so adorable. There are so many design options when it comes to the color of the bed, the curtains, and the comforter.
- Kcrook (Product Buyer)
Metal Canopy Bed, It's exactly what we were hoping for. Great price. Our little princess loves it.
- Amanda G. (Product Buyer)
The Birch wood that every bed is made from is top-grade.
Art & Craft Kit, OMGOODNESS he loves this! Plenty of easily found supplies. Uses every day and excited do so. Imagination overload.
- Eleanor (Product Buyer)
Wooden Desk, It was assembled in less than an hour and everything arrived in perfect condition. I could not be happier with this purchase.
- Jennifer (Product Buyer)
Any part you need to change the bed to whatever you would like will be available to you. Not too many manufactures offer that.
I was hesitant due to mixed reviews on the desk's size and happy to report it is perfect!!!! My daughter is 5 and starting Kindergarten and loves it! Perfect size!
- Jessica A. (Product Buyer)
Used a little wood glue on only one leg of the other desk but it’s been perfect since and would highly recommend the desk.
- Celler (Product Buyer)
The bed was pretty easy to put together and I am very impressed with how solid the wood is.
I love that the slide can go on either side of the bed, and that the hardware matches the white wood.
- Caitlan L. (Product Buyer)
My child was over the moon receiving this Art & Craft Kit and I was happy with the quality of the items. It’s packaged perfectly and easy for a child to access and keep neat
- Sandra (Product Buyer)

❌ Cons

The bed broke in half when my husband who is 170 pounds sat on it.
Tomer E. (Product Buyer)
There are no covers for the screw holes. They're just deep open holes. Looks kind of bad. Even stickers would have been nice.
ARC. (Product Buyer)
Says its 400lb per bed, and its possible, but it does not look that strong to me, so not for adults.
Oleg (Product Buyer)
The compressed wood used for their furniture is extremely unstable and breaks or crackles under very little pressure.
Julia (Product Buyer)
Horrible support design, I would not recommend this bed frame.
April Parker (Product Buyer)
Low Loft Bed, it took 3 guys 3 hours to assemble this - screws were NOT labeled - parts were mislabeled.
Andreaylo (Product Buyer)
Low Loft Bed, Had I known I was going to have to interpret pages and pages of drawings, I would not have purchased this bed.
Summer (Product Buyer)

👍 Conclusion

The Maxtrix system is easily adjusted to cater for super safe sleeping, playtime, school-time, sleepovers, even teen rooms. We believe you should only have to buy kids furniture once.
Kids’ rooms lacked the space, functionality and the inspiration to fully enjoy the most critical years of development. And their beds totally solve this issue.
Overall, It's a good and safe brand for your kid to live happily in the critical years of development.

❔ FAQs

How safe are Maxtrix Beds?

Kindly Refer to the link for full comparison:

Do they offer assembly service?

All their furniture comes with assembly instructions and all hardware required to build the bed.

What tools are needed for assembly?

Most of the tools that you will need to assemble our product will be included with your Maxtrix® purchase. Additionally you may need a screw driver (they recommend a power drill set to a low setting) to screw wood screws into pilot holes (pre-drilled guide holes).

Is there a weight limit for their beds?

Each bed has a weight limit of 800 lbs. (that's double the required safety standard!)

Are your ladders and staircases reversible?

Yes! You can decide on which side you want to put the entrance - all of our ladders and staircases are completely reversible.

Are fabrics covered under the warranty?

No. There is no warranty that covers the fabrics that they sell. These fabrics include mattress covers, pillow covers, curtains, and tents.

What are the care instructions for the Maxtrix fabrics?

  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand wash separately
  • Do not bleach
  • Dry Flat
  • Low Iron
  • Do Not Dry Clean

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