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JOJO's Chocolate Reviews - Read WhatAllSay?

We have compiled JOJO's Chocolate's reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and, most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About JOJO's Chocolate, The first chocolate bar with added protein. JOJO's has 5g of all natural NON-GMO protein and only 8g of sugar in each bar.

✅ Pros

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These are the first ever chocolates to have added plant-based protein, which is already very cool.
JOJO's chocolate is no joke! Sometimes food that is "free" of so many things doesn't taste as good as it looks, but that does not apply to JOJO's.
Not only the best chocolates, but I had a problem with my order and they rectified immediately. Best customer service!!
I absolutely love the Raspberry Dream! Great for keto or low carb diets! Amazing flavor and it is a nice little treat! Kudos to JOJO's.
- Jessica M. (Product Buyer)
The chocolate bark stops cravings for sweets and does not irritate my system in any way. Just a small piece is satisfying. This is my second order I'm a very satisfied customer.
They feel there’s a better way to eat chocolate, and their focus is on low sugar content and high quality.
Dark Chocolate Bar, I've tried numerous kinds of low sugar chocolate and this is absolutely the best tasting. I order 4 packages every month and have a piece every night for snack. Love it!!!
JOJO's is my favorite! It's absolutely amazing. I love that it has great ingredients and you can feel good about eating it.
- Ashley Kulbeck (Product Buyer)
All of flavors are true to their description and will leave your sweet tooth satisfied. I'm a big fan of JOJO's chocolate.
These snacks are so tastefully rich without the guilt. LOVE them. Highly recommend.
I love that every one of their flavors offers something completely different.
Eating without guilt.. Love the bite sized bars. Not too sweet, but enough to satisfy a sweet craving.
- Kitty Robinson (Product Buyer)
We started Jojo's because we believe everyone deserves a little chocolate - guilt-free.
They claim the quality shouldn't hurt the flavor, and I agree completely.
The cost is $10 or $11 per bag of seven bars, they don't completely break the bank, either.

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❌ Cons

The predominant ‘flavor’ is slippery, slimy erythyriol. Has about 10x too much of that. I got the raspberry, which has zero raspberry or any other fruit flavor. Very disappointed.
I have a major sweet tooth, and JoJo's probably won't completely replace my favorite sugar-packed chocolate bars
First bag I ordered arrived completely melted into a blob. Replacement arrived in good condition but I did not like the taste at all.

👍 Conclusion

By compiling reviews we find that JOJO's is a great brand and people are loving their healthy and delicious products.
JOJO’s are also keto-approved, paleo, vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free, and soy-free. And that is why people are loving it because they are making healthy products.

❔ FAQs

Is JOJO's dairy free?

Yes. There is no added dairy. However, it is manufactured in a facility that makes products that contain dairy.

Is JOJO's product Vegan?

Yes. All of the ingredients are vegan including the protein.

Is JOJO's Kosher?

Their products are not kosher certified however their manufacturing facility is and all of their ingredients are kosher but their actual finished product is not certified.

What is the protein source?

It is a plant based HEMP protein, which is one of the easier and slower digesting proteins made.

What is JOJO’s sweetened with?

The new Raspberry Dream and Goes Hawaiian are sweetened with an Erythritol/Stevia blend. The Original and Peanut Butter Delight bars are sweetened with Non GMO beet sugar.

How much caffeine is in a bar of JOJO’s?

All chocolate contains caffeine naturally but JOJO’s does not add any additional caffeine to its product. For 1 bar (1.2 oz.) of Original or Peanut Butter Delight flavors, there is about 25.5 mg of natural caffeine. For 1 bar (1.2 oz.) of Goes Hawaiian or Raspberry Dream flavors, there is about 20 mg of natural caffeine.

Should I keep JOJO’s in my refrigerator?

You do not have to keep JOJO’s refrigerated, but it will last longer if you keep it cool.

My product came in white, with a weird film on it. What does that mean?

That means that it has started blooming. Please email [email protected] so they can send you a fresh bag.

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