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Inventora Review – Read What All Say About This Inventory Tracking Management System

We have collected the in-depth and unbiased Inventora Reviews from various authentic sources, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself, and above all, Small Business Owners and other entrepreneurs who have used Inventora for their inventory management needs. Read What All Say About Inventora and this Inventory Tracking Management System.

About Inventora

Inventora is an Inventory tracking management system that helps Handmade Businesses and Small Business entrepreneurs automatically keep track of all the raw materials used to create products, changes to material stock levels, and finished products. Co-founders Dianna and Jeremy created Inventora out of need and searching for an efficient inventory system to manage their home fragrance business.

Visit InventoraInventora Cover Image showing how easily it keeps track of all the raw materials used to to create your products

Inventora Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Inventora. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"It automatically keeps track of his materials as the reviewer creates products for his business. He can also note which sales orders are wholesale vs. retail. The Production area is also a massive game changer. He also finds Inventora extremely simple to use."

"It effortlessly tracks raw materials and supplies, as well as finished products."

"Inventora allows you to create bundles of multiple products at once. It automatically adjusts stock levels based on the included products' availability. "

"Their simple and easy-to-use built-in inventory audit feature lets you easily stay on top of miscounted stock levels."

"Inventora and Shopify being closely integrated, your inventory levels will automatically keep up with each other. If you update a product stock level in Inventora, it will reflect in Shopify. If someone orders a product in Shopify or you manually update the inventory level, that will be synced back to Inventora."

"Inventora also supports Multi-Channel Syncing. It allows you to seamlessly sync, track and convert inventory between multiple ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Square, and Wix. As a result, you will never miss a sale or restock as Inventora continually scans for every item sold on these ecommerce platforms and keeps all these sales in sync as you sell at events. Multi-channel syncing also allows you to track and prepare an advanced report on sales, inventory levels and customer activity from each platform."

"It allows easy import of your CSV files into Inventora system."

"It automatically calculates Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), enabling small business owners to know what it costs to make each product."

"Business Plan Starts from just $15 per month when paying $180 annually."

"You can also get started for free with Inventora Hobby Plan if you want to try out their basic features."


"Inventora Templates should be more customizable. There should be more rooms for customization. "

"It allows you to add up to only 5 team members in the Business Plan. If you need more team members to be added, you have to subscribe to a higher-priced Inquire Plan to create custom solutions for your business."

Final Thoughts:

"Now that we’ve concluded our Inventora Review, you are the best decision maker in this regard. Is this Inventory Tracking Management System right for your business? As you understand your business best, you are the right person to decide which Inventory software in the market will work for your business. Having said that, if you’re looking for day-to-day inventory management needs, there’s no doubt that Inventora meets all the criteria of a well-rounded Inventory Tracking Management System. The Business Plan is worth $19 monthly and is quite affordable for small business owners. Moreover, you can use their basic features for free using Inventora Hobby Plan, which at least allows you to track materials and products, create sales orders, prepare Inventory value reports, and perform inventory audits. The ability of Multi-channel syncing to track and prepare an advanced report on sales and financials is a fantastic feature. We find so many positive aspects of this inventory tool that the cons get virtually shadowed. Overall, we find Inventora is perfect for small and handmade businesses."

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Where is Inventora located?

Inventora’s headquarter is located in St Louis, Missouri, United States.

Does Inventora offer a free plan?

Yes, Inventora offers a free Hobby Plan, which allows you to track materials and products, create sales orders, prepare Inventory value reports, perform inventory audits, and more.

Who are the customers of Inventora?

Small business owners and handmade business entrepreneurs use Inventora for their daily inventory management needs.

Does Inventora have any paid subscription plans?

Yes, Inventora has two different paid plans: Business and Inquire. The most popular subscription plan is Business Plan which includes all the basic features from the Hobby plan and advanced features like syncing sales orders from Shopify, Etsy, Wix, and Square, preparing Advanced reports, Unlimited production plans, and the ability to add up to 5 team members, and more.

Who are the direct competitors of Inventora in the market?

Some of the competitors of Inventora in the market are Craftybase, Soapmaker and Katana.

How can I contact Inventora Customer Support?

You can contact Inventora Customer Support by messaging them using Slack, (a messaging app) or send a direct message on Instagram. You can also email them at [email protected] regarding any assistance on sales or techncal support.