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Holistic Hair Tribe Reviews - Read WhatAllSay?

We have compiled Holistic Hair Tribe reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and, most importantly, the consumer. Read What All Say About Holistic Hair Tribe, A product made with the purest certified organic ingredients whenever possible and without the use of toxic chemicals. 

✅ Pros

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Our products to be vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and free from harsh and dangerous chemicals.
It's hard to find effective products without all of the harmful chemicals/ingredients. That's why I love this body wash. It truly softens, detoxifies, and calms the skin. I only have to use a few pumps of this on my loofah so it lasts a really long time. Great purchase for people with dry or sensitive skin!
- Rachel S "Oway detox body bath"
I love the results of the Oway curly potion I even use it on my 8 month old! He has little baby curls and it definitely enhances his curls and makes him look even cuter. I love that it's a clean product and I feel comfortable enough to use it on him.
- Luz (Product Buyer)
This product is the bomb if you have damaged, frayed, or split ends. Just a little bit will do, but you'll want to use ore because it just smells so darn good too!
- Diane Davis "Oway nurturing drops"
I love the Oway Glossy Nectar My hair is super damaged and this product helps bring it back to life. A little bit goes a long way - I just use a few pumps morning and night and my hair instantly feels and looks healthier.
- Jessica V. (Product Buyer)
You want volume you definitely will get it here. My clients also like the fact that is in not stiff and sticky in the hair. You have a life timer here!! Great Product!!
- Marianne Luidelli "Oway volumizing root spray"
My hair is very curly and dry. The first time I used this shampoo (along with the matching conditioner), my hair felt SO soft and hydrated. 10/10 recommend!!! And it also smells amazing.
- Zipporah H. "O&m hydrate and conquer shampoo"
This cleanser smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling SO soft! It works so well paired with the De-Stress Tonic Potion. Will definitely recommend to friends and family!
- Hannah "Oway perfect skin cleansing cream"
I have never had a product that worked this well, I saw immediate results using this product. It also smells amazing.
- Jake "Oway hair & body invigorating wash"
Its soft, versatile formulation makes it ideal for creating control on fine hair types, as well as enhancing natural waves and curl patterns.
I love how much lather you get with just a little dose of this product. I thought I would use up the bottle in a few weeks, but it's still going! Plus it smells great!
- Joe P. "Oway hair & body invigorating wash"
There’s nothing quite like Oway Curly Potion It’s a soft, shaping product that doesn’t leave the hair wet or crunchy. The hold is buildable and so soft, and completely keeps frizz at bay!
- Ashley M (Product Buyer)
Every curly girl loves this Oway Curly Potion!! Cocktail it with Flux too for a nice light hold with bounce. Perfecto!!
- Crystal L (Product Buyer)

❌ Cons

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👍 Conclusion

Their products are safe to use as their products are made with the purest certified organic ingredients and without the use of toxic chemicals. They strive for all of their products to be vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and free from harsh and dangerous chemicals without sacrificing a superior professional result. Their products are always recyclable and never tested on animals. And their main aim is to provide hair stylists and their clients with the safest, highest quality products available.

❔ FAQs

How do I place a return?

Please reach out to "[email protected]" with your order number and the product you would like to return and they'll handle the rest. If the product is unused, unopened, untampered and in good condition, you have 30 days to return the product.

How can I find out more information about a product?

You can find more information about the product in the Benefits, Key Ingredients, and How to Use tabs located on their product pages. If you have any additional questions, you can email them at [email protected]

How do I receive free shipping?

You can receive free shipping if you have a U.S. order that exceeds $50. This discount will be applied automatically when you checkout.

Are they shipping outside US?

They're shipping to Canada and US Territories. Customers will be responsible for paying shipping prices calculated at checkout and any additional fees like duties and taxes at time of delivery.

How can I find products suitable for my hair?

They have prepared a quiz so you can find suitable products for your hair type.

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