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Hawk Host Reviews - Read WhatAllSay?

We have compiled Hawk Host Reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself, and most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About Hawk Host & Their Web Hosting & VPS Hosting.

✅ Pros

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They have good options for mid-level, including semi-dedicated solutions.
They provide multilingual cPanel based on the preference of the customers.
Hawk Host is a CloudFlare partner which means that their datacenters are optimized to work flawlessly with the world’s most popular CDN for website owners to achieve great performance boosts for free, and very easy, too.
It also offers VPS hosting and other features on the side.
Hawk Host offers around the clock support via email.
They have several hosting options available to choose from.
It compensates if server uptime goes down below 99.9% in a billing month.
They have 6 globally placed data centers.

❌ Cons

The downtime is not as promised by them.
They have very expensive hosting plans.
With Hawk Host, they use a tiered systed for their support, which isn’t always ideal.
cPanel comes at an additional cost for VPS customers.
If you want to get on the phone and actually talk to someone when something is going wrong, Hawk Host isn’t the host for you.
Absence of fully dedicated servers.

👍 Conclusion

Hawk Host has a standard service level agreement (SLA) which dictates that if your server is down for an unreasonable amount of time, you’ll be compensated according to the chart below. While this is good, it’s worth mentioning that this ultimately results in a very small amount of money, even with a full refund in any given month, since it’s only a few dollars per month anyways, and chances are those few dollars won’t be worth the experience of having your website down.
HawkHost's parent company, Dedicated Host, began operations in 2004. It is a fairly standard provider as said by its users as well in the pros. The cons are very slight. The main focus of its service catalog is on shared web hosting. It also provides VPS hosting and other features. You can go through other reviews and then make an informed decision.
What All Say

❔ FAQs

What is the official website link of Hawk Host?

You can click this link to visit the official website of Hawk Host.

What is the current best offer on Hawk Host?

You can avail 40% discount on all web hosting plans. You can copy the coupon code and then paste the coupons at the checkout of Hawk Host.

Which is the origin country of Hawk Host?

Hawk Host is based in Fergus, Ontario, Canada.

What is Hawk Host?

Hawk Host is a Web Hosting , VPS Hosting & Reseller Hosting platform.

Is Hawk Hosting legit?

Yes. Hawk Hosting is a fairly reputed and standard company.It is completely legit.

What are their Web Hosting plans?

You can click this link to check their web hosting plans.

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