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Glossier Reviews – Read What All Say About their skincare, makeup, body care, and fragrance Products.

Welcome to the What All Say review of Glossier products! We've scoured the web for comprehensive and genuine reviews of Glossier's skincare, cosmetics, fragrances, and body care products, collecting insights from regular customers, beauty experts, and even the brand itself. So, if you're wondering what all the buzz is about, read on to discover what women everywhere are saying about Glossier's luxurious and high-quality offerings.

About Glossier

Founded in 2014, Glossier is a brand that celebrates individual beauty and empowers women to feel confident in their own skin. From the start, the company has been all about listening to their customers and using their feedback to create products that truly meet their needs. As a result, their selection of glamourous and indulgent products is constantly evolving and expanding. Whether you're looking for the perfect finishing touch to your daily routine or something extra special to treat yourself, Glossier has you covered.

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Glossier Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Glossier. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"Its makeup line is what the brand is most known for. From fluffy brows to shiny lips, rosy cheeks, and even complexions, this collection offers products that’ll enhance what makes you, you."

"Futuredew can be easily incorporated into your skincare routine for a touch of radiance. It’s the perfect last step glow-up in your routine and can be worn alone or under makeup."

"The primer-moisturizer breathes life into stressed skin with a combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and plant extracts, making your face feel like a smooth canvas."

"Glossier's Lip Gloss offers high shine without the stickiness. It's a comfortable, long-wearing formula with a reflective finish."

"Glossier, the light pink and aesthetically-pleasing clean beauty brand has one perfume in their product offerings, but that one scent is a true chameleon when it comes to how it smells, making it a bestseller and a beloved perfume by many."

"Nobody. It literally became a part of my daily outfit."

"Glossier’s site makes it so easy to pick the right shades of makeup for your skin tone. With each product, you’ll find tons of photos with models of varying skin shades so you can see how a color might look with your shade of skin."

"If your #1 beauty goal is to have skin so healthy you glow—and to let that glowiness shine through—Glossier is your brand. "

"Lask Slick is amazing: It’s one of the few mascaras this writer has ever tried that lengthens without making your lashes cakey. It instantly makes you look more polished and awake, even if you don’t wear any other makeup at all—and it stays put all day."

"I’m a big fan of Glossier! I love their lipstick and lip balm, of course also the blush. Their packaging are simple and cute!!! Also, their Glossier “You” perfume is fabulous."

"Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about this brand. Makeup is beautiful and great quality"


"Its limited shade range might be an issue, specifically for the Glossier Skin Tint. With only 12 shades, this product can’t truly accommodate everyone’s skin tone."

"I personally think it’s a little much for such a small rub of perfume and doesn’t last long at all .. It does smell really pretty but I can’t constantly keep putting it on."

"I’ve ordered the items but have not even had an acknowledgement of the order. I’ve emailed them twice and had no response."

Final Thoughts:

"Glossier is leading the no-makeup makeup revolution with its easy-to-use products that don't cover you up. The brand puts skin first and makeup second. Everything is intended to enhance your natural beauty, with cult classics. We enjoy the simplistic nature and compatibility with different skin types."

"We love that the brand focuses on accentuating your natural beauty. Its tints, glosses, and creams are meant to enhance, not hide. the majority of shoppers attest to the brand’s natural-looking collection."

"If your #1 beauty goal is to have skin so healthy you glow—and to let that glowiness shine through—Glossier is your brand. They really care about your happiness and health, above all, and encourage you to do you, love you, and nurture you."

"In conclusion, Glossier is a brand that is highly regarded for its makeup products, which are known for enhancing natural beauty and offering a wide range of shades to match different skin tones. The brand's Futuredew and primer-moisturizer products are also well-reviewed for their ability to add radiance and nourish the skin. The Lip Gloss and Glossier perfume are also popular among customers for their comfortable, long-wearing formulas and versatile scents. However, some reviewers have criticized the brand for its limited shade range in some products and its high price point for the Glossier perfume. Overall, Glossier is a widely-loved brand that is known for its high-quality, aesthetically pleasing products that cater to individual beauty needs."

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How are Glossier products different from other beauty brands?

Glossier products reflect their belief that beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect, and personal. Their formulas are designed to live with you, not on you, and enhance what you already have. They are meant to be touched, smooshed, traveled with, cherished, and shared until their packages are crinkly and dirty and can literally give no more. They represent fun and freedom, and are the result of years of recommendations from people who love beauty.

Will I be able to test product?

Yes! theye’ve redesigned in-store testing experience so visitors are able to try full range of products in an environment that feels safe and comfortable. For customers to dispense product onto before applying on themselves—their Editors will also oversee product testing to ensure all guidelines are being followed, and that every product is being sanitized after each use.

Where does Glossier ship?

Glossier currently ships to the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada (excluding PO Boxes), the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, and France. You may experience longer delivery times when shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and remote areas up north in Canada.

Are Glossier products suitable for my skin type?

Their products are dermatologist-tested and formulated for all skin types! If you have questions about your specific skin type, reach out at [email protected].

Are Glossier products cruelty free?

Glossier is committed to being cruelty free: this means they do not test on animals at any stage of product development, and they only work with vendors who uphold the same standards.

What’s their return policy?

All returns must be processed within 30 days of receiving the order.

The original order number must be provided to place a return, and you will be refunded in full to your original form of payment. Please note, gift cards and store-specific merchandise are final sale.”