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Fiido Reviews – Read what all say about their Electric Bike & E-Scooter

Fiido invests heavily in the research and development of innovative electric bicycles and accessories. Since its inception in December 2016, Fiido has been using technology to make exercise easier and mobility issues easier. People have given a lot of positive reviews on Fiido. So let's hear it from the end consumers themselves.

We have compiled Fiido reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About Fiido and their Electric Bike, E-Scooter & Sea Scooter.

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Fiido Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Fiido. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"Throttle with cruise control"

"Good range from high-capacity battery"

"Folds quickly and compactly"

"Finally, Fiido chose to run the cabling through the bike’s frame, except for the foremost cables, which are neatly tethered together. "

"That’s good enough for a decently long ride or several shorter rides before you’d have to recharge the battery."

"One of my favorite things about Fiido’s electric bikes is that the company has always done things a bit differently. "

"The lights are good, the folding mechanism is good (and super convenient for tossing the bike in a car trunk), the folding pedals are good, the fenders are good."

"It’s all a pretty good bike with a pretty great electrical system."

"That’s still really quite good for this category product, and more than enough for most riders. "

"The display on the other hand is about as basic as they come, but it gets the job done. "

"Though the bike looks very cool from a distance and it feels very sturdy, the welds do look a little less polished up close."


"Battery could be an impact risk for shorter riders"

"Battery / seat can be easily stolen Weak motor, even by European standards"

"Build quality and after-sales support a concern"

"Just heard 10th jan 2021 fiidoebike not associated with fiido company any more. Has no products to sell. I bought a battery but it took about 5 weeks to arrive."

"i have a problem with my bike and fiido doesn't want to fix it. i have proof. the bike is under warranty"

"Pice of dirt the d4s is screws falling out wheels are screeching brakes rubbing can hear something rattling around inside it bike is only a couple if months old I'll never buy a Fido again"

"The bike does come with fenders, but they’re a little finnicky to install."

Final Thoughts:

"The Fiido D11 is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a lightweight, stylish, and foldable ebike with solid range. There’s not much else quite else like it on the market, so as long as you’re aware of a few caveats, it’s worth a good look — especially for $999."

"Regardless of if you’re a big city commuter, a low-on-space enthusiast, or a self claimed “moped-er,” I think you’ll find a lot of use and value in the D11. Truthfully, I don’t fit into any of the mentioned categories yet I still found myself smiling when cruising around on the Fiido D11."

"As you can see the reviews given above, it's pretty clear that people are liking Fiido and their Electric Bike & E-Scooter. All the cons given by customers are very little issues. So we will recommend you to purchase your favorite E- bike, E-Scooter and Sea Scooter from Fiido. But still you can go through all the reviews carefully, if you feel any drastic or major issue then you can take a step back otherwise you can go ahead it with it. "

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How fast can electric bikes go?

Pinch the front and rear brakes simultaneously, then turn the accelerating handle up. When the meter screen flashes 5 times, release the brake and handle.

What is the top speed?

The top speed is 25km/h.

What is the procedure to use Cruiser control?

Ride at a steady pace for 8 seconds. After releasing the handle, the e-bike will maintain its original speed. If you need to slow down, turn the handle or brake.

Can this electric bicycle be used in the winter? Or at what temperature is it effective?

Electric bicycles are suited for use in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C.

May I use manpower exclusively if the battery is dead?

When the battery is dead, you can still use the pedals.

How can I ensure that the throttle is always operational?

Continue riding at the same pace for eight seconds, then release the throttle. The e-bike will maintain its same speed and continue forward.

Is the electric bicycle waterproof?

The FIIDO electric bicycle is waterproof, but the wading height cannot exceed the hub to avoid damaging the motor. Avoid wetting the e-bike to avoid damaging the electronic components and wiring.