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F.Hinds Review – Read What All Say About Their Jewellery, Watches, Diamonds, and Ear Piercing Service

We have collected comprehensive, unbiased, and detailed F.Hinds Reviews from various authentic sources, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself, and most importantly, customers who have purchased their jewellery, diamonds, branded watches, gifts, and other collectibles. Read What All Say About F.Hinds and their Jewellery & Watches, diamonds, and ear piercing service.

About F.Hinds

F.Hinds is a leading high-street retailer of Jewellery & Watches in the UK that features the most exquisite collection of diamonds, gold and silver jewellery, Smartwatches & Fitness Trackers, Clocks, gifts and collectibles, and more at competitive prices. Since 1856, they have carried forward the legacy and heritage of their uniqueness and creative designs and presently operate in more than 115 stores across England and Wales.

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F.Hinds Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about F.Hinds. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"The reviewer found their website user-friendly and was in high praise of their unparalled in-store customer service. His experience with F.Hinds appeared to be pleasant."

"The reviewer Arthur Brookes ordered a new watch online and picked it up from the shop at Cambridge. He found the lady in the shop very helpful who altered the bracelet and explained Arthur everything in detail even as to how he could get an extended guarantee just by registering it."

"The ear piercing service is completely free when you purchase an ear piercing package at F.Hinds. All Ear Piercers are highly trained and skilled in infection control. They maintain the highest standards of hygiene for the entire piercing process."

"Mark & Kirsty Sadler took their 11 year old daughter to get her ears pierced. The young lady who did the piercing was friendly and reliable. Their daughter was thrilled and excited wearing the earrings. They were overall satisfied with their top class professional service."

"It was truly a "go to" jewellery shop for the reviewer. Jaki was impressed with their wide selection of jewellery and watches. He also found the staffs super friendly and extremely helpful."

"Julie needed wedding rings and F.Hinds found the perfect ones for her."

"The reviewer was highly impressed with their vast product knowledge, professional aftercare advice and great ear piercing technique. She also received a 20% Off Voucher on gold earrings of her choice."

"The company's certification by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and the prestigious ‘World Diamond Mark’ (WDM) recognise their high standards of expertise and status as the trusted UK high street retailer of natural diamonds."


"Lifetime Battery replacement service was reported to be quite expensive."

"The reviewer had to get her Engagement rings repaired for 4 times. Though she finally got a refund, her experience with the refund process was not very pleasant."

Final Thoughts:

"85% of the customers on TrustPilot have rated F.Hinds as excellent.Their jewellery is a value for money if we consider 3,144 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5."

"98% of the reviewers have recommended F.Hinds based on their On-Time Delivery of Accurate And Undamaged Orders. With 31,819 Genuine Customer Reviews and 4.9 Rating, F.Hinds can easily claim to be one of the best high street retailers of jewellery in the UK."

"Considering the positive feedback and high appraisal from various shoppers and reviewers, we can conclude that F.Hinds is genuinely a trusted jewelry brand worth checking. Their unrivaled customer support, stylish and timeless collection of jewelry and watches, user-friendly web interface, ear-piercing service by trained professionals, and ability to find the perfect match of jewelry including engagement rings, wedding rings, and more for their customers, have made them stand out among its competitors.F.Hinds has some cons, but if you consider its vast selection of jewelry, watches, unparalleled customer service, and company's world-class certification, you will discover F.Hinds to be one of the most trusted high street retailers of natural diamonds in the UK."

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Does F.Hinds provide any guarantee on the product I am buying?

Yes, They provide a 2-year guarantee on all F.Hinds diamond products and a minimum of 12 months guarantee on all other products. Some products may even come with a longer guarantee period, which will be specifically mentioned on the product details page.

Does F.Hinds offer a free ear piercing service?

Yes, F.Hinds offers a free ear piercing service with the purchase of an ear piercing package.

How to decide which ring size I require?

F.Hinds will gladly adjust or exchange the size of any ring free of cost once after purchase. This adjusting/exchange can be done at any stage within your 30-day change of mind guarantee, and hence you will be able to return the ring after purchase for adjusting/exchange later on.

Does F.Hinds offer Free Shipping?

Yes, F.Hinds offers Free UK delivery On Orders Over £25.

How do I get a refund at F.Hinds?

You can get a full or partial refund for your online order at any one of F.Hinds stores if your method of payment was a debit / credit card or gift card. You can also return your order back to them directly via the post to F.Hinds Head Office address. Learn more about their return policy.

What payment methods does F.Hinds accept?

F.Hinds accepts all debit and credit cards (except American Express) and PayPal as the payment methods.