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Eden’s Herbals Reviews – Read What All say about it?

We have compiled Eden's Herbals reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and, most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About Eden's Herbals, Lab-tested, all natural, Secure checkout, discretion, and fair prices CBD products to fit your lifestyle.

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Eden's Herbals Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Eden’s Herbals. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"I have been using this salve for neck, knee, and back pain. It has been very helpful in alleviating/reducing pain and discomfort so I can remain active in my daily life."

"The brand’s mission is to provide customers with high-quality CBD products at a low price."

"Provides a wide range of flavors to choose from."

"Dog biscuits “seem to be helping [their] 13-year-old husky. She’s much more active when on them. Will buy again!” Table of Contents Eden's Herbals Pros & Cons A Closer Look at Eden's Herbals Eden's Herbals Product Summary Eden's Herbals Product Line Eden's Herbals: Fully Lab-Tested CBD "

"CBD Oil Tincture, The product is recommended for users who are experiencing anxiety and depression."

" It is also now beyond doubt that CBD is safe and non-addictive"

"These are the best tasting gummies I’ve ever eaten. They are handy to take with you and just eat one when you need a CBD boost."

"The product offer is nicely organized with excellent concentrations of CBD in each product."

"Edens Herbals is a good CBD brand with such affordable prices that anyone can give their products a try."

"I have tried other full-spectrum CBD oils. This one is far superior! It helps manage my IBD."

"It offers affordable CBD goods that have been lab-tested and come from Colorado."

"Eden's Herbals offers consumers a variety of CBD products that are both inexpensive and of high quality."

"They Have tincture line which has a wide variety of potencies."

" I have never felt better! Completely changed my whole mood daily, and I have overall felt better and happier since trying their products."

"Some of the most affordable thc-free cbd products I could find. Works great and gummies taste awesome."

"The tincture line has a wide variety of potencies."


"The brand provides only one third-party lab report on their website."

"Extraction method not disclosed"

"The website could use better navigation"

"Makes a lot of medical health claims on its website."

"They Can only return unopened products within 7 days."

Final Thoughts:

"This company have products which is not expensive at all. It sells potent, lab-tested products with CBD sourced from Colorado, all for low prices."

"Overall, It's a great brand and have many satisfied customers. Eden’s Herbals’ mission is to make fairly priced CBD products with superior quality and, this company does a wonderful job of embodying that Goal."

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Is their CBD legit?

Yes their CBD is legit. They use a CBD manufacturer out of Colorado that they have verified. They have the lab reports to prove the CBD is 99% pure.

Why are CBD products so expensive?

The process to extract CBD is expensive. Manufacturers also need to have the CBD lab tested which is also not cheap.

Can I see their lab report?

Absolutely yes! It is a multi-page report that outlines the CBD purity and that it is free of solvents. You can view it here Lab Report.

Why are their Tinctures not bitter like others?

Most tinctures are extracted using a catalyst like alcohol. The problem with this method is two-fold. They use MCT Coconut Oil as a base and add the 1000 mg of CBD to each bottle. This ensures you get a great tasting product with the proper dosage of CBD.

Is there any THC in your products?

Their full spectrum tinctures are the only products that contain .03% or less THC. All other products are THC-free.

I'm having problem with melting gummies.

During the hot summer months the gummies sitting on mail trucks or in your mail box may melt. If your gummies melt they will resend them. To avoid this problem you could try their Tinctures as they contain the same CBD.

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Has the FDA approved CBD?
No, the FDA has not approved CBD to diagnose, treat or cure any illness. Individuals wanting to use CBD should learn the risks and side effects. Ask your doctor if CBD is safe for you to use.