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CoolCabanas Reviews – read what all say about their Best Beach Shelter.

We have compiled CoolCabanas reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and, most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About CoolCabanas.

For all beachgoers, Coolcabanas are the obvious choice. Their flagship product provides shade for the entire family, is wind resistant, and is simple to set up.

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CoolCabanas Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about CoolCabanas . Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"The Cool Cabanas fabric is independently tested and rated at SPF 50+ and together with a hat, sunscreen and sunnies, it can help make spending this summer (and winter) outdoors a healthy and comfortable reality."

"I bought the large coolcabana and it’s the best beach shelter and great value. It’s easy to set up and can hold itself well even though it’s windy. The large can comfortably accomodate 3 to 4 people."

" I really loved the portability of the Cool Cabanas, which is especially important if you have a large distance to walk to get to the beach."

"Super easy to put up by yourself. Took seconds and involved no digging! It's extremely sturdy and wind proof. At this point, we wouldn't buy a different one ever again."

"Super easy to put up by yourself. Took seconds and involved no digging! It's extremely sturdy and wind proof. At this point, we wouldn't buy a different one ever again."

" Large area of coverage, easy to set up and take down, it’s a little heavy to carry for me, but so far that’s the only concern. My parents are also enjoying it and gives them extra time on the beach on a hot day. "

"We had a trial set up outside unit before heading to beach. so easy and quick. We were protected from the sun and it was very windy and it handled it no worries."

" We experienced a very sudden strong gust of wind. Umbrellas we blowing away and our cabana stood strong! "

" It looks like a tent and works like a tent but goes up like an umbrella. Easy enough for this 60 something year old to take to the beach."

"The Cool Cabanas UPF-50 Sunshade offers fantastic ease-of-use, stability, and convenience."

"The Cool Cabanas beach canopy really combines the ease of setting up a beach umbrella, with more of the shade coverage of a pop up/instant up canopy. "

"The large Cool Cabana fits into a tubular carry bag that’s just over a metre long and weighs 5.7 kg. The shoulder strap makes it reasonably easy to carry along with your other beach gear."

"This is is so easy to put up and take down. It is also very sturdy in the wind. I love this product! It makes me beach experiences much more enjoyable!"

"We love our CoolCabana. It is great looking and easy to setup and break down. It is light weight and easy to carry. We are seeing a lot of them coming to Hilton Head."

"We were able to turn our beach stays from an hour long to all day. Totally worth the investment."

"Used it for the first time yesterday and it was a windy day. Easy to set up and I appreciated the separate little bag for the poles. Someone next to us lost their umbrella but our coolbana stayed in place! I’m very happy I purchased it!"

"It is compact and lightweight enough for one person to carry to and from a site without any hassles."

"Im so happy with my cool cabana, easy to set up and put away, and it stays in place."


"We purchased one of these back in Nov 2017 and it worked well. Great idea but have been disappointed with the quality."

"During the 4th use, one of the arms snapped in half under minimal / normal weather conditions while at the beach. "

"Received a defective bag. "Will" tells me the poles bag isn't needed when their instructional video shows to use the poles bag."

"The main drawback we experienced was not being able to use the Cool Cabana on the grass."

"The tent is a bit small. This isn’t a problem for me since I am using it by myself, but I imagine that if you wanted to sit under here with a friend or two, you might feel like it is a bit cramped."

"3 weeks in and still hasn’t arrived. Emails have gone unanswered. Long wait times on phone."

Final Thoughts:

"Overall we’ve been very happy with how the Cool Cabana has performed for our use. The ease of putting it up and down has been a big factor. It’s also really nice to have the airflow and to take in the view in all directions. "

"CoolCabana is designed to give sufficient of shade for large parties, it's simple to set up for one person, and be wind-resistant. Most of the people are very much satisfied with their purchase. But for your satisfaction, we recommend you to read all the reviews before making any purchase."

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Do CoolCabana resist water?

Their products, like an umbrella, shield you from the rain, but they aren’t waterproof.

How much time do they save when folded?

The size you choose will determine this. Click the item you want to purchase for more information.

When open what size are they?

The size you choose will determine this. Click the item for more information.

Is there any kind of repair service they provide?

They offer a one-year warranty on all of their items, and you can read more about it here. If your product is damaged in any way, you can see how warranty claims are handled on the warranty page.

I'm not sure when my order will be shipped, how do I find out?

As soon as your order leaves their warehouse, you will receive an email with a shipping confirmation and a tracking number.

How much does shipping and handling cost?

Free shipping and handling to the continental United States and Australia for orders over $50.

Globally: In addition to the aforementioned countries, they ship to a number of others; shipping costs are computed during the checkout process.

Which countries do CoolCabana ship to?

They send to nations including Canada, the United States, Australia, the European Union, and others.

Can I change the address for my shipping?

No, once an order has been placed, the shipping address cannot be modified. However, you will be notified by the courier if your address has changed.

How will they let me know when they've received my order and when will the money be deducted from my account?

You will receive an order confirmation through email after your order has been processed. Upon confirmation, your credit card, Apple pay, or PayPal account will be charged..

Can I add items to an existing order?

Once an order has been paid for, goods cannot be added.

How can I cancel my order?

It’s impossible to cancel an order once it’s been sent; but, if the order hasn’t shipped yet and they can still cancel shipping, They will cancel it and refund the buyer. Due to the fact that their warehouses are located in three separate cities across the country, as well as their office, your location, and the time you send your email, this process may take some time. It will not be possible to cancel your order if it ships after you send a cancellation email.

Do I need to pay customs and Tax?

Not in Australia or the United States, but in Europe and a few other places; the courier will let you know about this before delivery.

When can I return my order?

It’s possible to get a refund on items within 14 days of purchasing them if you’d like. To obtain a refund, returned items must be in their original packaging with all of the original tags still attached, be unopened, and be re-saleable.

How long will it take to give refund?

Once an item has been brought to their returns facility, refunds can take anywhere from 7-14 business days to process, depending on the credit card company that was used to make the initial transaction.

How can I contact them?

Their crew in the USA and Australia will be working from home and only reachable by email during the Corona Virus Pandemic in 2020. They try to respond to all emails within a few hours.

You can reach them at [email protected].

Ask them anything!