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Cloud Water Brands

Cloud Water Brands Reviews - Read WhatAllSay?

We have compiled Cloud Water Brands reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself and, most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About Cloud Water Brands, a Sparkling CBD beverage that comes basically in two formulas, one with CBD (Hemp) and the other with Vitamin D + Zinc.

✅ Pros

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Miracle for Anxiety, I am obsessed with this water! It has helped so much w/ my anxiety. I love the blackberry one. I hope they never stop making this. Thank you!
- Erin M. (Product Buyer)
We particularly enjoyed the summery flavor of Grapefruit & Mint & Basil, which has some impressively accurate flavor.
Amazing!! Just found this water at my local store and this is the drink I’ve been looking for. Not too much sugar, but full of flavor!
- Dee (Product Buyer)
I love the eco-friendly bottle as well.
- Kameelah G. (Product Buyer)
The ultimate summer drink - Can't wait to get creative and make some funky cocktails
- Zoe G (Product Buyer)
Hands down the best healthy sparkling beverage I’ve ever had. Nice grapefruit flavor balanced perfectly with honey, and the mint and basil are very refreshing!
- Tim H. (Product Buyer)
I don't even like seltzer water and these were delicious! And I slept really well!
- Sue C. (Product Buyer)
The Cloudwater brand logo fits my style so well, that they can slap it on anything and I'll probably buy it.
- Carr (Product Buyer)
I love coconut and this is a great coconut flavor that is not too strong.
- Christie (Product Buyer)
It’s soo fun to have a sparkling cbd water beverage that feels like you’re enjoying a craft cocktail
- Katrina G. (Product Buyer)
it arrived so quickly! Aztec Chocolate & Strawberry is amazing. I absolutely recommend trying it. Great company with outstanding customer service.
- April M. (Product Buyer)
This is a good-tasting product and it helps to ease the pain.
- Rose H.

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❌ Cons

The brand has painted the bottle glossy white to the point where it’s clearly opaque and you cannot see the liquid inside.
Delicious and refreshing. Little pricey but worth it
B.B. (Product Buyer)
Only complaint is the 10 grams of sugar. Being on a keto diet would love a sugar free option!
Kristina A (Product Buyer)
We like this flavor less than the blackberry one. And the bottles are nearly impossible to open.
On Blood Orange & Coconut + 25 mg Hemp Extract (12 pk)
Great but pricey - Love the flavor and product overall. The price is just so expensive it’s prohibitive from a repeat purchase.
John B. (Product Buyer)

👍 Conclusion

Cloud Water is a very worthy and well-executed product that’s launching in a category where a lot of CBD action appears to be happening (sparkling).

❔ FAQs

What is Cloud Water Brands?

Cloud Water Brands which is a Sparkling CBD beverage. It combines premium botanicals with 25 mg of pure bioavailable CBD and all-natural ingredients.

How much does it cost?

The Immunity Clouds (Cloud Water + Vitamin D & Zinc) costs $39.95 for 12pk whereas Hemp Cloud containing (Cloud Water + CBD) costs $58.99 for 12pk.

Do I need to be 18+age to buy CBD?

Yes, you must be 18 years or older to buy CBD.

Do they offer discount?

Yes they offer discount on subscription. But with us on WhatAllSay you can get a discount coupon that will give you 15% discount on all orders.

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