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Clear Estimates Reviews – Read What All Say About Their Easy To Use, Accurate Data Cost Tool.

Our What All Say research team has collected comprehensive, genuine, and unbiased Clear Estimates Reviews from trusted sources, including bloggers, Business men, the brand itself, and, most importantly, ordinary people who bought and have experience with their tool. Read What All Say About Clear Estimates and Their Easy to use, Accurate data Cost Tool.

About Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates began as an internal programme company Orfield Remodeling in Minneapolis when the owner's son (now Owner & CEO) Nolan Orfield felt there has to be a better way to estimate projects. A decent construction estimating programme that is mobile friendly and cloud based, such as Clear Estimate, enables you to make bids while you're not at your desk. RemodelMAX was purchased by Clear Estimates in order to integrate the database partner. This makes it possible for Clear estimates to significantly enhance the components database.

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Clear Estimates Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Clear Estimates . Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"Clear Estimates is constantly adding new features and it is easy to update pricing in the database. Ultimately, the software allows me to be extremely competitive and precise with my estimates."

"No more creating one-off proposals. No more copy pasting from the web to a word doc, to convert to a .pdf to send the client. Everything is done right in Clear Estimates."

"Clear Estimates provides easier and faster estimating software for construction contractors that give accurate results."

"I was a fairly smooth transition, As Clear Estimates is very easy to use. In reference to how the estimating function works it is fantastic."

"The software is pre-loaded with professional contract language and allows users to quickly create professional proposals."

"Clear estimates was as easy to work with as possible and the real selling point for me is their amazing customer service. "

"The biggest benefit to this is having accurate quoting. Since I started using it, I was able to increase my profit margins from 10% to 30% and capture more clients along the way."

"What I like most about this software is being able to set up Parts & Templates which makes putting together an estimate a lot faster which means you have more time to oversee your business."

" I recommend it highly , once you set up your templates you are good to go. The presentation of the proposal is also very good. "

"Clear Estimates provides a web-based software tool for remodeling contractors that makes estimating costs and writing proposals for construction project fast, accurate, and pain-free."

"All Clear Estimates features are truly effective and efficient plus you’ll be getting them while enjoying discounts, coupons, and promos."

"I regularly recommend the use of Clear Estimates software to the contractors I consult with. I have seen firsthand how it can help to sell more profitable jobs in a shorter time frame, which is what everyone in this business strives for."

"The customer service is outstanding. I had a one-on-one call with CSR to help with a few questions I had, and he was extremely helpful - patiently explaining those things I was confused about."

"It makes estimating, especially for small contractor businesses or handyman services, much more efficient."

"They want me to be successful using this software. It is very customizable to fit your business weather it be a Handyman/remodeling business or general construction."

"Clear Estimates allows users to create accurate estimates in minutes and even create or edit templates from the field using their mobile devices."

"Clear Estimates allows users to create accurate estimates in minutes and even create or edit templates from the field using their mobile devices."

"The Clear Estimates product library includes material cost, labor cost, and a product description for each item. "

"The software is designed keeping jobsite professionals in mind and helps them create estimates and proposals easily and quickly. "


"Lack of Flexibility causing time to be wasted."

" Some of the categories use the wrong labor code so I have to pay attention, but that is relatively a small deal."

"It doesn’t have scheduling tools, which is an important tool to have for any construction project."

"The system for adding sales tax to a proposal is a little clunky, but if you're familiar with the various tax rates in your work area, it's only a minor inconvenience."

"While you can import CAD, or blueprint designs, to reference as part of the bidding process, you cannot interact with these programs."

" At this time, it does not integrate with QuickBooks Online, something that I have been told they are working toward."

"When you input the customer info it draws on past results which is awesome but at the same time it can be a issue. Not that much of a bigge."

Final Thoughts:

"Clear Estimates provides an easier and faster-estimating software for construction contractors. Moreover, it allows users to create crystal clear estimates on projects and ventures in just minutes and in just a few clicks away. With the volume of amazing features and list of benefits, one can get from using Clear Estimates, even you can instantly say that subscribing to Clear Estimates is really worth a try."

"The software is pre-loaded with professional contract language and allows users to quickly create professional proposals. This helps avoid unnecessarily long proposals and quickly add customized parts. Users can customize company information, boilerplate, logo, contact information and more for better branding. Clear Estimates allows users to create accurate estimates in minutes and even create or edit templates from the field using their mobile devices. The software supports all major browsers and is also accessible from smartphones and tablets. This provides users with the complete freedom to manage stuff while on the go. "

"Being extremely successful "Clear Estimate" have 10,000+ satisfied customers, 400K+ projects, and a clear estimate of $17B in total bids. They are constantly updating the tool with new features. Clear Estimates is a remodelling as well as construction estimating system that allows remodelers and contractors to create estimates, generate bid requests, draught proposals, manage customers, and more. It works with QuickBooks and allows users to import project estimates and customer information. It also uses the RemodelMAX database to get material and labour cost estimates."

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Can I get Overview of Product?

1. Easily Create Estimates
2. Professional Proposals
3. Completely Customizable
4. Estimates In Minutes
5. Re-use Estimates for New Customers
6. 10,000 Parts in Your Control
7. Powerful Templates
8. Boilerplate Text

I'm not a computer whiz; is this simple to understand?

Even if you don’t know much about computers, Clear Estimates is quite simple to use.

Can I get help getting started?

Yes! To get you set up and going, you can schedule a complimentary tour with one of their customer success experts. This is a one-on-one tour to address your unique issues and set up for your business; it is not a lesson video or webinar.

Is this more user-friendly than Excel?

They think Clear Estimates is more accurate, easier to use, and overall a better program than Excel.

Does it work with Quickbooks?

Yes! Once you’ve finished, you can export the estimate as an estimate to Quickbooks. You may then use it as an invoice or for task costing from there.

Is it possible to export to Buildertrend?

Yes! You can export your estimates to Buildertrend if you have a Clear Estimates Pro account. Inquire with a member of their staff about the extra benefits of Clear Estimates Pro!

Which devices is this compatible with?

It is compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC. You can use their website and start working on your estimates as long as you have an internet connection. It can also be used on as many other devices as you choose!

How many users can I have?

You will receive a single login when you sign up for Clear Estimates Standard to access your estimates.

You can email invite other users to join using Clear Estimates Pro. They’ll get their own login because of this.

How much does Clear Estimates cost? Can I get a free trial?

A 30-day trial period is provided for FREE to all brand-new clients. The monthly fee for a Clear Estimates subscription is $59. If you decide to cancel your subscription before the end of your first month, you won’t be charged for the first payment!

Is there a contract that I must sign, or can I cancel at any time?

There is NO AGREEMENT! You are free to revoke at any time.