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Charlie Banana Reviews – Read What All Say About Their Super Absorbent Cloth Diapers

We have compiled Charlie Banana reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself, and most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About Charlie Banana & Their Super Absorbent Cloth Diapers.

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Charlie Banana Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Charlie Banana. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"My first reaction on seeing the diapers was “Oh my gosh!! They are sooo adorable”."

"Soft and durable. "

"The very next thing I noticed about these daipers was their super soft and plush material. "

"Charlie Banana one-size nappies are well designed, comfortable and durable."

"The outer layer is made of soft and colourful PUL. With super soft microfleece on the inside which is made of 100% polyester. "

"The inserts that come with Charlie Banana one-size nappies aren’t fantastic quality."

"Charlie Banana diapers also come with two inserts each: one small and one medium/large made from microfiber. "

"The leg elastic is adjustable with a bra strap like fastener which makes Charlie Banana diapers different from most."

"Charlie Banana One Size diapers work for children weighing up to 35 lbs. "


"Although the nappies are called one-size, they’re a bit too big for newborn babies and are best used for babies 3 months and up."

"I’m also a bit dubious about the idea of using a disposable insert."

Final Thoughts:

"As per the given above pros and cons, you might have got an idea that Charlie Banana customers have mostly good to say about the brand. The cons are not that much. There are a lot of pros about Charlie Banana. You can read all of them and then make an informed decision. "

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Where can we contact Charlie Banana?

You can check their contact us page .

What is the official website link of Charlie Banana?

You can click this link to visit the official website of Charlie Banana.

Are all the coupons working?

Yes. All the coupons are working and active.

What is their mission?

At Charlie Banana, their mission is to create a better world for baby by connecting environmentally conscious parents to better, reusable cloth diapers.

Where can we contact them?

You can contact them here .

What is the current best offer on Charlie Banana?

The current best offer on Charlie Banana is “Grab 10% Off”.

How much urine or feces can the diaper hold?

Their diapers typically absorb 12 oz and you should have no leaks if the diaper is tied properly.