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Ben Sherman UK Review: What All Say About Their Menswear & Accessories

What is the buzz with Ben Sherman UK? We have collected genuine opinions from real customers who have experienced Ben Sherman's designer men's shirts, coats and jackets, shoes, boots, and more. We have gathered a multitude of perspectives, from fashion bloggers with an uncanny sense of style to Amazon customers, Feefo reviewers, and even professional fashionistas.

The goal is to paint a genuine picture of what Ben Sherman UK is like, beyond all the promotional talk. So, jump right in and read the reality of each experience, then decide whether or not you would want to wear Ben Sherman UK.

About Ben Sherman UK

For British menswear brand Ben Sherman, the roots of subcultural style are embedded so deeply in its history that swinging the pendulum back to a rock-inspired rage is not just second nature; it was likely how it started. Ben Sherman was established in 1963, and the brand soon became synonymous with the iconic Mod movement, influencing a generation of fashion.

However, this is still a quintessentially British marque that pays tribute to its heritage while pandering to modern fashion. Through the decades, Ben Sherman became an adopted uniform for many in the spotlight youth movements, from Mods to 2-tone and Britpop.

Its founder, Ben Sherman, was a young entrepreneur intent on making a mark on the world. He gave birth to more than clothes – he gave birth to originality, a refusal of ordinariness. That legacy is still easy to spot in the staying power of the brand today.

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Ben Sherman UK Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about Ben Sherman UK. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"Offers a balance of timeless and eclectic styles."

"Includes a wide range of garments such as shirts, sports coats, dress pants, polos, tees, pants, joggers, sweaters, and loungewear."

"Uses 100% organic cotton for many products, providing softness, durability, and comfort."

"Products like the Brighton Oxford shirt and the Harrington Jacket are praised for their construction and fit."

"Brand Legacy: Established in 1963, Ben Sherman has a longstanding reputation in the menswear industry."

"Frequent praise for product quality, such as 'excellent fit,' 'great quality,' and 'satisfied with purchase.'"

"Reviews cover a range of products including shirts, jeans, trainers, and accessories."

"Some customers mention repeated purchases, indicating brand loyalty."

"Friendly and Helpful Staff."

"Wide selection of styles for various occasions."

"Convenient Location: Some customers liked the store's proximity to local pubs and fish & chip shops."

"Men's Underwear is soft, extremely comfortable and durable."


"The use of bold patterns and preppy colors might not appeal to everyone."

"Some garments are perceived as not matching their steep price tags."

"A few customers reported issues, such as receiving the wrong size or the product not meeting expectations."

"A specific complaint about the wallet being 'overpriced and bad quality.'"

"Ben Sherman has drifted away from its roots, losing its traditional style appeal. The modern cuts and styles are less authentic compared to the brand's original mod fashion."

"Inconsistent Colors of Men's Underwear: Colors received did not match the description, which was disappointing."

Final Thoughts:

"With both timeless pieces and bold, garish ones, Ben Sherman offers a great gift for any fashion taste. Quality construction and 100% organic cotton make the Brighton Oxford shirt rugged enough for nearly any adventure. The catalog ranges from the most conservative shirts to the most daring choices in design, color, and print. Starting with their iconic Oxford shirts is recommended due to their blend of style and versatility. Overall, Ben Sherman remains a solid choice for those looking to infuse classic British style with a modern twist into their wardrobe."

"Ben Sherman UK receives high praise for both product quality and service, as reflected in their high average ratings 4.6/5 on Customers appreciate the brand's diverse product range and are generally satisfied with their purchases. However, there are occasional issues with product quality and customer service responsiveness that need addressing. Overall, the brand maintains a strong positive reputation among its customers."

"Ben Sherman on Carnaby Street enjoys a solid reputation among its patrons. Customers appreciate the variety of styles available, making it a versatile shopping destination for different occasions. However, some long-time fans of the brand have noted a shift away from its traditional style, which may not appeal to everyone. Overall, with an average rating of 4.0 stars, Ben Sherman remains a popular choice for men's fashion, blending modern trends with its classic appeal."

"Ben Sherman Men's Underwear Ultra Soft Microfiber Boxer Briefs are highly rated by customers for their comfort, quality, and stylish design. Despite a few minor concerns about pricing and color consistency, the overall feedback is overwhelmingly positive, indicating that these boxer briefs meet customer expectations for premium men's underwear. With an average rating of 4.5 stars, they are a popular choice for those seeking both comfort and style."

"Ben Sherman UK has over 60 years of history and a great legacy in the menswear industry. They have a well-balanced mix of timeless and eclectic styles and produce a wide range of clothing, including shirts, sports coats, dress pants, polos, tees, joggers, shorts, and knitwear. Many products, especially those made from 100% organic cotton, are recognized for their comfort, durability, and quality construction, with items like the Brighton Oxford shirt and the Harrington Jacket receiving particular commendation.

The consistent product quality offered by the brand is considered top-notch, as its customers return and repeat their purchases, showcasing high success rates. The staff's friendliness and helpfulness, as well as the convenient location of physical stores, add to the positive shopping experience. Moreover, items like men's underwear are also known for their softness, comfort, and durability.

However, the brand also receives some criticisms. It is not universally applauded for the bold patterns and preppy colors, with some garments seen as overpriced. Problems like wrong sizes and items not being as described have been reported. Additionally, some feel that the original mod look is no longer being honored with 'modern cuts.'

In the end, Ben Sherman UK has retained strong roots in fashion, allowing them to continue attracting brand-conscious consumers month after month, season after season. Even with some challenges around consistency and authenticity, Ben Sherman is still seen as delivering reliably good-quality goods that come into fashion. Many choose the brand due to its solid reputation for long-lasting products, despite a few customer criticisms."

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Who owns Ben Sherman's brand?

Ben Sherman’s brand is owned by Marquee Brands, which is controlled by the US investment group Neuberger Berman. UK operations are licensed out to The Baird Group (BMB Clothing).

How to return Ben Sherman?

Just peel off the sticky returns label included in your shipment and stick it on the front of your package. Fill out the returns form, explaining why you’re returning the item, sign it, and put it inside the package.

How long does it take to refund my order?

Returns are processed within 14 days. If you haven’t received your refund after this time, please reach out to Ben Sherman customer service team. Send an e-mail to [email protected].

How Can I Track My Order?

Here’s how you can track your order:

  • UK Customers: Use your Evri tracking number from your order confirmation email and enter it at
  • European Customers: Use your FedEx tracking number from your order confirmation email and enter it at
  • Germany and Worldwide Customers: Use your wnDirect tracking number from your order confirmation email to track your order.
  • What are the UK Mainland delivery costs?
  • Standard Delivery: Free on orders over £50, otherwise £3.00.
  • Express Delivery: Orders over £50: £3.95, otherwise £6.95.
  • Does Ben Sherman deliver to PO BOX and BFPO addresses?

    Unfortunately, Ben Sherman does not deliver to PO Box and BFPO addresses. Your parcels need a home, office or other location where the receiver can sign for the receipt of the parcel.

    How do I pay for my order?

    Ben Sherman accepts Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Switch, Maestro, Solo, and Visa Electron. They do not store your card details; they’re only used by their payment partners SagePay and PayPal.