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AYPO Real Estate Reviews – Read What All Say About Their Pre-License & CE Courses

We have compiled AYPO Real Estate reviews from various audiences, including bloggers, expert reviewers, the brand itself, and most importantly, the normal consumer. Read What All Say About AYPO Real Estate and their Pre-License & CE Courses.

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AYPO Real Estate Meta Review - Insights and Highlights

Discover firsthand opinions about AYPO Real Estate. Is it a hit or miss? We’ve aggregated user and pro reviewers feedback for you. below are the key takeaways:


"Great Course! Highly Recommended! Very Helpful!"

"The practice tests were good practice for the real exam."

"The training and customer service are excellent!! Pactrick was very helpful with whatever questions or concerns I may have had! They truly do care and want to see you succeed!!"

"These industry-based courses help you improve your skills in terms of labor so you can get a good job."

"There is a phone number and an online contact form for questions and student support on AYPO’s website."

"All pages are designed to resize and fit perfectly within’ the mobile screen."

"AYPORealEstate has been around for many years."

"Before purchasing any course, you have the option to see exactly what it entails."

"AYPO classes are known to include a combination of text, video, slides, and interactive quizzes."

"You can see a full outline of the material on their course page."

"Since AYPORealEstate does not offer in person instruction, all their courses are self-guided."

"The strongest benefit provided to students who enroll in one of AYPO’s pre licensing courses is the stress-free environment."


"Took 30 days to receive books/material & horrible communication when I’d inquire on where my order was. I was told twice it would be overnighted & it never was even shipped!"

"Easily the worst Continuing education I've encountered. material seems copy and pasted by someone without any understanding of the material. Quizzes are just awful. poor, poor, poor."

"Awful course content & horrible customer service. stay clear unless you have alot of time to waste."

"AYPO offers very limited courses."

"AYPO is missing the larger variety of additional elective course options offered by other providers."

"AYPO Real Estate does not offer courses for every state in thnie Uted States."

Final Thoughts:

"AYPO is an effective and straightforward way to prepare for your career in real estate. Although it is unfortunate how limited their coverage is, that’s more than made up for by their qualified instructors and effective courses."

"What you get with AYPO Real Estate is a very reasonable priced, no-frills self-study course taught by a qualified instructor with professional experience. Although the lack of wide pre-licensing availability can be disappointing to those outside of its chosen jurisdictions, it’s absolutely worth checking out if you’re looking for continuing education."

"As per the given above reviews, you might have got an idea that AYPO is an efficacious and uncomplicated way to prepare for your career in real estate. The pros given above clearly indicates that students who have enrolled in AYPO real estate courses have like the stress free environment. Cons are very slight. So, you can read all other reviews to get a clarity as well. "

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What is the cost of AYPO Real Estate License in New York?

The cost of applying for a New York Real Estate Seller’s License is $55. Once you get your license, it’s good for two years. When you need to renew biennially, you’ll need to pay a $55 renewal fee.

What is the cost of real estate course?

They try to make themselves affordable so that it never becomes a hindrance for the real estate aspirant. Their state-approved 75-hour qualifying education retails for an investment of only $89.

What is meant by an associate broker in real estate?

A person who has a broker license is an Associate broker and and can operate independently but chooses to operate under another broker instead.

What is the official website link of AYPO Real Estate ?

The official website link of AYPO Real Estate is given at the right side of the page.

Can I apply for Real Estate license online in New York?

Yes, you can apply for Real Estate online in New York.

Can Real Estate be practiced without a broker?

No, in fact, the state will not approve your vendor license until you can find a broker to look after you.

Can I Help Sell a Home Without Becoming a Real Estate Agent?

It depends on what you mean by “help”. You can work in a real estate office, perform administrative tasks without a license. But if you want to facilitate the purchase or sale of properties on behalf of clients, you will need to obtain a license.

Are all the coupons working?

Yes all the coupons are working and verified. You can grab the coupons at the checkout of AYPO Real Estate.

What is the current best offer on AYPO Real Estate?

The current best offer on AYPO Real Estate is that it is giving “15% off” Site-wide